When Designing a Logo

It’s important when designing a logo for your multi-million-dollar corporation to hire someone who is bitter and snarky (and who could do a passable James T. Kirk impersonation) and mean to honestly tell you if there’s anything about your logo that’s, perhaps, a little hinky.

The Titans, for instance, might have considered whether they wanted to be known forever unofficially as the Flaming Thumbtacks before going with the logo they have.

And a certain university in town which shall remain nameless but rhymes with shmanderbilt might have thought how much the "acorn" on their oak leaf looks like something more likely found in a baby boy’s diaper.  It’s hard to believe that none of the people who looked at that before it was approved noticed.

Or maybe it’s that way on purpose, to raise people’s spirits.  I know I smile whenever I see it. 

8 thoughts on “When Designing a Logo

  1. You should try designing logos for a living when you are a bit of a snarky person.I can’t tell you how many times clients have automatically zeroed in on the most penile interpretation.I CAN narrow it down by saying "all the time." Because they do. I’ve even started doing joke ones that look obviously penile just to see if they’ll pick it. And they do. First rule of logo design ought to be "they always pick the penis." Anyway…you can’t tell them that. And thus I bring you one of my favourite sites:http://www.b3ta.com/features/phalliclogoawards/The Phallic Logo Awards!

  2. Hmm. Maybe I need to save up some money and have you design a logo for Tiny Cat Pants that has some phallic imagery just so I can lure more people into reading…

  3. Shoot, Lee. I don’t know why your link’s not working. Let’s try this.http://www.eeggs.com/items/22844.htmlAnd, may I just say that at least your penis is a grown man’s penis where as shmanderbilt’s penis is a teeny baby penis. Yours sends a message–Mess with Kentucky, end up with your penis in an angry mouth full of sharp teeth. Ours says "Look out! We might pee!"

  4. B – you’re assuming the powers that be at shmanderbilt have ever even seen "something more likely found in a baby boy’s diaper." That there’s women’s work. :) Kat – that site is hilarious.

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