Who Knew Dull Pets Could Be So Funny?

No one else around here thinks this whole movie making thing is as much fun as I do. Tonight, when I was all “Let’s make a movie and put it on the internet” you’d have thought I’d said “Hey, let’s eat each other’s toenail scraps.” for all the support I got.

Still, World, I’m not one to be thwarted by uncooperative subjects.

(video no longer available @ YouTube)

9 thoughts on “Who Knew Dull Pets Could Be So Funny?

  1. yeh, but did you ever notice how her bottom wiggles. Personally, I prefer nonperforming animals, just hanging out, doing what they naturally do – put a good soundtrack with it, that’s all you need

  2. You have a tortie! I love the kitty (Mrs. Wigglebottom is pretty damn cute, too!). BTW – The Butcher need to put away the video games & clean up his room! Ick.

  3. "And the Oscar for Best Short Documentary goes to … AUNT B!"*crowd goes wild*I think the pets are just exhausted from their celebrity status. Their fans demand so much of them, you know. I see the same thing with my niece. I’ve started calling her "Lohan."Did you notice how The Cat was all, "’Get that Boy’?! Eff you, I ain’t goin’ in there," and Mrs. W was all, "I’ll do it for you, Mom! Hey! Boy! Clean up this … ew. Um, okay, Bite Bite Wag Wag Play Play! Wag Wa… dude, this is embarrassing."

  4. Actually, this was very suspeseful becuase I was worried until the end there that Mrs. W had undergone some sort of personality transformation. Why is she so quiet? Isn’t she normally more outgoing and all lovey? Then at the end, I was like oh, yeah, that’s how I remember their dog!

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