All The Suckiness of Being Drunk with None of the Fun

This really weird thing happened to me this afternoon.  I was sitting at my desk writing an email when all of a sudden the room started tilting to the right and then began to spin slowly.  I thought I might throw up, but no such luck.  Still, I thought, I should head to the bathroom.

Trying to get to the bathroom when the floor won’t stay firmly under your feet is quite a trick.

So, I sat in my office a long time with my eyes shut wondering if I’d poisoned myself.

Finally, it passed but I’m so exhausted.

I was reviewing the things I’ve had to eat today to see what the culprit might be:

Breakfast–Golden Grahams, Orange Juice

Ride to work–Cafe Mocha from Starbucks which made me feel a little like Busy Mom

Lunch–Peanut butter & jelly sandwich, carrots, apple sauce, Diet Dr Pepper

The only difference between me and my usual routine was the coffee.  But could it have taken four years to try to kill me?

I say, perhaps, especially if Busy Mom has hexed the Starbucks in order to make folks sick in order to keep the line at the drive-through short for her convenience.

27 thoughts on “All The Suckiness of Being Drunk with None of the Fun

  1. Stomach flu seems to be going around. Tim came down with it on Monday evening and was sick for about 36 hours. Guess what I’ve been doing for the last 4 hours? Yep…Stomach flu is going around. At least in our house.

  2. The dizziness is classic inner ear infection, but caffeine can trigger a hypoglycemic episode, and you had a double dose with the coffee and Dr. Pepper. Have your blood sugar checked, and not just with a meter. Have your doctor order a glucose tolerance test for diabetes and hypoglycemia.

  3. See, Starbucks is bad.My first thought was like the other Sharon’s…inner ear. You think Busy Mom, who claims to be a nurse, would’ve had some sort of diagnosis for you. She was too BUSY making note of hexes.

  4. Due to some other more recent symptoms, which I will leave to the imagination, I suspect Coble is on the right track with the diagnosis. I think I was feeling dizzy because of everything rapidly shifting downwards.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick. Dizziness like that can be an ear infection, but it can also be a sign of a rapidly rising fever. If you’ve got some kind of flu, that could be it. Also, considering your recent capiscum reaction, you might want to have a full allergy workup, if your health insurance permits. Your body may be having very strong, very bad reactions to something it never minded before.

  6. I’m not a doctor but I play the daughter of two diabetics in real life.No glycemic episode would have a no-warning sudden onset like this. Caffeine would not trigger a glycemic episode in a person with an otherwise stable blood sugar level. If B.’s blood sugar was so whack as to be that sensitive to caffeine, she would be drinking three gallons of water a day, be craving sugar all the time and be losing weight hand over fist without dieting.

  7. I’m no Bill Frist, but I play one on the innernets…I concur with Kat’s diagnosis. The stomach flu has had it’s way with the Huck household as of late.

  8. Huck! How can you stand idly by while my lunchtime choices are being disparaged?! You should shake your fist at Plimco or offer to give me a better option than "kindergarten food."

  9. I’m sorry. I’ve tried to come up with something sufficiently snarky to say in return, but that’s so damn funny–"bring some Cheerios in a zip loc baggie"–I am left speechless.Brava, madam. Brava.

  10. It makes me want to cuddle up with you and watch scary movies when you talk about my house like you belong in it.

  11. Woo HOO! That’s what I was HOPING for!!! It’s my lucky day. I win a haunted missing can opener AND B invites me under her afghan to watch scary movies. I might just have to twist around in my chair some…

  12. Oh Kat…No no no. Glad I popped over here. As someone who was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago, I had extreme hunger, not weight loss. I didnt have the extreme thrist. I did have diziness the way B was discribing, and that would be when my blood suger dipped to low. It would be as high as 300 and as low as 50. Normal is 70-110, to give you an idea of how high mine was and how low it got. So you can have both low and high blood sugar (which I do) and the symptons can come on just as quickly as a snap of the finger when your blood sugar crashes afer a big meal…actually, about an hour or two after it can get really low. And yes, caffiene can trigger the low. A fasting glutose tolerance test is the only way to diagnos both high and low blood sugar. B, if your symptoms continue past what might be a stomach virus, please go get a fasting glucose tolerance test.

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