My Sister-in-Law, May She Get Stung by 1,000 Angry Wasps

My littlest nephew is back with my brother, after a month.  My sister-in-law wanted to send him back to the recalcitrant brother after two weeks.  She claims she just can’t handle him.

I shouldn’t complain, because at least he’s back someplace safe, but it just pisses me off that she makes it out like it’s his fault, like he’s too much trouble, and not that she’s a psycho bitch who couldn’t even take care of a dog (see Wigglebottom, Mrs.).

Luckily, the preschool near the recalcitrant brother will let him enroll, which is good.  He loves school and loves other kids and could use the structure.

It just hurts my heart.  I can’t even tell you.  I just look at that little boy and my heart hurts.  I want him to have a good life and to be safe and to have a good close relationship with his brother and every second he’s with her, I’m terrified something bad is going to happen.

 Anyway, that’s all.  I just had to bitch about her.

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