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  1. grandfille, that tub only looks clean thanks to the gods of Youtube. Trust me. catherine, I am constantly amazed at Mrs. Wigglebottom’s range as an actor. I had no idea she could so convincingly portray Brittney, but she did a fine job of getting across Brittney’s plight.Smiley, it’s a good day when I can make you smile.

  2. He’s the only pet that bites. If you’re willing to use violence to get your way, you’re bound to rule the mammals who are not.So, yes, he does rule the house.

  3. Coble, THANK YOU! I thought it was hilarious, but then no one said anything and so I started to second-guess myself.

  4. Are you still having this fantasy about Brittney and me together? I think you’ve been on this kick almost a whole week now.

  5. He’s mad, I think, because I didn’t link to his post about knocking up the SugarMama. Truth is, I just hadn’t read it yet. Or I would’ve.But, then we wouldn’t have gotten all the "don’t you two love each other" whining, so it’s all for the best.

  6. No, I just found it incredibly ironic that within 24 hours of making the comment to an unnamed third party that Brittney would link to an Aunt B post about the contents of her colon, there’s a post on NiT about what B wants for lunch. BG is just mad that I mocked her Strange Fruit tribute, and wants to pretend she isn’t waiting with anticipation for every scrap of info I choose to share with the public.

  7. Wait, so how does saying that you discuss our great love for each other behind our backs not prove my point–that you seem hung up on what you perceive to be our great love for each other?And your second paragraph–Doesn’t that directly contradict the first? Does Brittney have an all-consuming fixation on me or on you?

  8. Ah, well, in that case, let me give you this handy flow-chartHave you scoured the internet looking for information about what Sarcastro’s sperm is up to?Yes–go on to next question.No–get to scouring!Is there a post about the miracle of Sarcastro’s sperm?Yes–post about it immediately.No–go on to next question.Has Sarcastro written about something else even remotely interesting?Yes–post about it immediately.No–consider, maybe, posting something of mine, if you still have time.But here’s the order of importance of anything out here on the internets.1. Sarcastro’s sperm2. Anything else of Sarcastro’s (excluding his left knee. That fucker is deathly boring, no matter what.)3. Other stuff.4. Stuff at Tiny Cat Pants.

  9. I don’t think a off-hand remark about the reading and linking habits of Ms. Gilbert, while discussing a far more disturbing topic, meets the standard of talking about the great love you have for one another behind your backs. Especially when I’ve said the same thing to your face. Or at least to your box. Email inbox, I mean.How can the second paragraph directly contradict the first when Brittney’s comment above confirms them both? Although, her comment does directly contradict her assertion that she had not read any posts on my site late last week. Brittney, you need to come get the rest of your stuff out of my house.

  10. What’s in my colon is a far more disturbing topic? Far more? That seems like kind of a stretch.I am tickled by the thought of you wishing there were some way to talk directly to my cooter, while by-passing the rest of me. Perhaps you could make a set of those cup & string phones for that purpose?

  11. I thought your cooter was the one sending me emails.Like Oprah’s talking twat.The disturbing topic is classified. I am not at liberty to discuss it here. Although, you and I have discussed it at length previously.

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