An Open Letter to the NiT Readers

Dear Folks Who Were Planning On Going to Lunch Tomorrow with Amanda Congdon,

No dice.  She won’t be there.  She will still be at Wolfy’s, but not at the Mothership.

So says my source at WKRN.

Ha, wouldn’t it be awesome if I really had secret sources at WKRN instead of Brittney just desperately begging me to get the word out?  Shoot, if I could have a secret source from any major media outlet (Hey, Liz!  Are you looking for a side hobby?), I’d be a happy woman.



5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the NiT Readers

  1. That doesn’t mean we can’t still all meat up at lunch. I’m sure Amanda’s cool, but we haven’t needed her in the past. I’d rather not disappoint the Knuck.

  2. I’m just the opposite of Ivy. I can do nights, but days are a problem. So I guess I won’t bend over backwards to get to the muthaship. I would ordinarily, but since I’m gonna be there on Friday night I’ll conserve the auto fuel.And this is the dumbest most stream of consciousness comment ever. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Don’t everybody get all upset and cry…I hesitate to break the news that I won’t be able to be present for I am going to be doing something about that damn gray hair of mine. I have to play up this Bluegrass Star Wife thing, ya know.I do wish I could come fellowship with y’all though. Oh…speaking of Mothership and going…the Mother In Law wants us to take her there so she can sample this bbq so hopefully one day next week, if you want to meet Hazel, this could be your chance.

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