Shooting Dice at the Mothership

Last night was Blogger Bunko.  Blondemom and Malia hosted it. 

I had never played Bunko before, but it turns out it’s one of those games that is deceptively simple.  You just roll some dice and hope to get some numbers.  But the nice thing about games with deceptively simple rules is that it lets everyone jump right into playing and the group adds its own fun touches.

Anyway, Malia’s got the rundown, though somehow she neglected to mention the most amazing feat of the evening, when Elizabeth (Gunner’s wife, for those of you who read Say Uncle) rolled two Bunkos in the same round.  She won two prizes at the end of the night.  There was some talk among the Democrats of taking half her prizes and redistributing them to the people who didn’t get any, but once we rememebered that she was a gun-toting libertarian, we thought better of the idea.

Also, on a side note, Knuck has expanded the menu at the Mothership.  There’s chicken now, which is delicious.  Even the white meat is juicy as all get out.  And green beans, which I did not know about until I saw them on someone else’s plate.  I don’t know if they’re any good, but they looked yummy.  And baked apples.

My god.  Try the baked apples.

In a perfect world, you would stop off and get yourself some cold beer and a little thing of vanilla ice cream.  You’d order pulled pork, cole slaw, and baked apples.  You’d ask Knuck to keep the beer you’re not drinking yet and the ice cream cold for you.  You’d eat the pork and the cole slaw while drinking the beer as needed.  And then, you’d put a big old scoop of vanilla ice cream on those baked apples.

I’ll give you a minute to savour that.





Anyway, yes, the baked apples.  They count as a side, but really, they are a fabulous dessert.

An Open Letter to the House Republicans

Dear House Republicans,

Some of you appear unclear on the concept of just what to do when you find out that someone you work with likes to prey on the underage boys who work for you and your other co-workers.

This is a crime.

You might think that the guy preying on the boys would know it’s a crime considering that he passed legislation clarifying that what he was doing is a crime. But people who prey on children tend to be sick fucks, so maybe we can understand him as being too sick and evil to understand that the laws he signs also apply to him.

You, however, are not sick fucks. You are grown men with families of your own. You write and pass the laws of our country. You should understand how they work.

If you become aware that some sexual predator is having, say, cybersex with an underage boy, your first obligation is not to the Party. It is not to report it to your other Party members.

Your first obligation is to protect that child. Go to the police.

If you can’t bring yourself to go to the police over one child, when you discovered that there were multiple children, that should have compelled you to go to the police, not to play “Who, if anyone, told Denny Hastert and when?”

You have done many things that I strongly disagree with (see ‘habeas corpus, the chucking of), but I assumed that you had what you considered good reasons for doing so.

Covering up for a pervert who preys on children just so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to fight for another congressional seat?

That’s morally bankrupt.

In essence, you sacrificed these boys to this fucker so that you could stay in power.

That’s evil, too.

Shame on you.

Aunt B.