How Many Marys Does a Non-Catholic Need?

The flash did something funky and cool in this photo and it gives everything a weird glow. Look at the way the crystal ball sparkles.

At the left you can see the arm of one Mary, then the cool wooden chicken that I got at a Swedish settlement up in Illinois, then another Mary next to the crystal ball.

I picked up both Marys at Ebbo’s Spiritual Supply House, this awesome store in Memphis full of, as you might guess, spiritual supplies, which you should visit, if you have any inclination.

The reason I have the Marys is to remind myself that things are not always what they seem. One person looks and sees two representations of the mother of Jesus. Another sees the arm of Erzulie Freda near the figure of Erzulie Dantor.


3 thoughts on “How Many Marys Does a Non-Catholic Need?

  1. The last time I was there they had an elaborate altar to Erzulie Freda in the window. But they had the blandest, least knowledgeable little guy running the cash register. If you know what you need, you can find it there.If you don’t, though, you might have some problems.

  2. Oh Ebbos. I used to go there and smell things…and smell some more things…and touch and touch and smell… And leave with a small bottle of oil and a headache.

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