Civic Design Lessons from Future Nashville

Last night I had this dream that I was living in Nashville about ten years in the future.  I was still my same age, but Nashville had grown and changed.

I was at a concert in a small club off Fessler’s Lane and there was a new entrance onto the interstate from Fessler’s Lane.  The left two lanes took you onto I-40 going east.  The center two lanes, apparently, took you onto I-40 going west, but we got in the right lanes figuring that would dump us onto I-40 going west.


Instead, it put us on a railroad bridge going over the interstate and then into some kind of giant rail yard.

I, unfairly, was pissed at the Butcher, even though he wasn’t even in the car with me.

Anyway, it seemed like a poor design, so I thought I’d mention it, just in case any bridge engineers for the state were planning on trying to redesigning the Fessler’s Lane area.

You know, in case I was having a prophetic dream.