I once had this idea that one ought to be able to use bones to fortune tell. My problem then was two-fold. How to get bones? And how to read them?

One Thanksgiving I boiled what flesh was left on our turkey off the bones and ended up with a bunch of bones.

Alas, just because a girl wants to read the future doesn’t mean she can figure out all on her own how.

So I ended up with a bunch of bones I couldn’t figure out how to use.

Still, I can’t bear to give them up.


10 thoughts on “Bones

  1. you are on the right…first get the bones, the reeading will come to you if is to beeeee, but never read a turkeyeeeeeee

  2. I think I’ve met my arch-nemesis.Being the Big Cat Pants, I feel as though either I love or hate you, I cannot decide which at the moment, seeing as how your funds which go to beer also do the same with me.I shall be keeping a close eye on you… Oh yes, be sure of that! :)

  3. Honestly, however, knowing that a ‘Tiny Cat Pants’ originated without a BCP influence is simply blowing my mind at the moment; I have made several ___ Cat Pants AIM screennames, Tiny Cat Pants being one of the (and unfortunately, one who’s password no longer works).Methinks I have a culprit, a suspect in such a doing!Or I could simply be paranoid and slightly drunk at the moment. Who knows? Nice to meet you, by the way. :)

  4. You have the right idea, but maybe the wrong animal. Some bone sets actually acquire bones from a variety of animals whereas others just use something like deer and carve symbols to suggest other animals. Casting bones, from what I’ve seen, is pretty simple, as they are thrown in a quadrant where positive and negative assessments of the bones’ reading can be deduced based on where it lands. Interpretation is the tricky part.I’ve been invited to a local santeria ceremony. Honestly, I don’t know how far down the religious toleration road I can travel. I mean, in theory, I’m interested. I’m ok reading about it and I’m ok with the idea of other people doing it. But am I ok enough to participate (even as an observer) myself? What’s the source of all this discomfort?

  5. Hashi, I can completely sympathize. A couple of months ago, I found a site called and it just threw me for a loop it was so weird to realize someone else not only had the idea for a cat in pants website, but had a sizeable web presense totally unknown to me.But no, I hadn’t ever heard of you. In fact, until this very moment, I wouldn’t have believed there was much funny about big cat pants, but holy shit, the cat in big pants on your site is so cute it hurts my heart.Let’s not be enemies. In some ways, we’re like the Green Lantern. There’s more than one Green Lantern, each is special in his own way, but if ever they need someone to grab a beer with, they’ve got a built in group of people who understand them.Weirdly enough tinycatpants the AIM identity is not me, which means that there’s at least one more person out there with our same affinity.Bridgett, hmm. To me, I think the discomfort comes from my general unease with religious certainty. I don’t know about you, but for me, growing up Christian, that God was someone all powerful, all knowing, and somewhat intangible. You had to wait for signs or just trust that things would work out or whatever. And when I went to church, certainly there was some lip-service given to "God is with us."But it’s easy enough to chalk that kind of religious experience up to well-meaning delusion.Shoot, I’m kind of convinced half the time that my spiritual observances are well-meaning delusion and I’m two thirds through a big observance right now.But for me, here’s the thing with religious practices based on possession and ritual sacrifice. If my friend slits the throat of a goat in front of me and ten minutes later says "I am [some god]." I have to decide right then whether I believe her.Because there’s one way in which, if my friend is killing animals and proclaiming herself a god, I have a duty to the public to report her to the authorities, because I think she’s well-meaningly deluded in a way that hurts others (which, to me, is an unacceptable line to cross).But, if I believe that her gods are present and require that kind of sacrifice, it’s not my place at all to do anything.And as much as I can give lip service to being tolerant to things I don’t have direct experience of, being there in that room, watching that go on, would require me to be absolutely certain I knew what was going on in order to know what the proper response to it should be.It’s the place where two deeply held beliefs of mine potentially come into conflict.

  6. At first I was delighted by the idea of your arch-nemesis being BCP. But, you’re right, that image is sooo great that teaming up together had much greater potential. And just think of all the cats you could fit in thos pants!

  7. Yes, that’s it. I believe in my gods, but I don’t absolutely know if I can believe in hers as they manifest. And if I don’t, then this is going to be some wack shit.I think I’m also uncomfortable with the intimacy it presupposes. I don’t know the invitee very well and…well…I don’t usually make every rank stranger privy to my spiritual practices. I never was a fellowshipper, even when I was a more standard issue Christian. Maybe I’d feel different if I had hinted that I wanted to attend, but this was sort of thrust on me. I feel both proselytized and dared. Bogus. I think I’m going to have other plans.

  8. B, I have a dead baby snake in my garden that is turning into dead baby snake bones. You can have them in exchange for some hoodoo blessing thing of our new place. ;)

  9. Ooo! Very cool. Sure. I just need to know how many windows and doors you have and when you’d like it done.Oh, and how many rooms.So, yes, number of windows, doors, and rooms and a time that’s convenient for you for me to do it.

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