Mrs. Wigglebottom Doesn’t Cooperate

I wanted to show you Mrs. Wigglebottom’s weird tooth, but she wouldn’t sit still.

But here’s the deal anyway. Before we got Mrs. Wigglebottom, she used to have a pet rock that she would carry around in her mouth everywhere. And so she chipped off her bottom left canine tooth so that it was even with her bottom front teeth.

And here’s the weird part. Over the course of the years we’ve had her, the tooth has grown back!

Yes, her tooth has regenerated, which, supposedly, is a scientific impossibility.

I tried to document this for science, but this is what I ended up with.


I hope y’all appreciate the lengths to which Mrs. Wigglebottom and I had to go to in order for Science to have proof of her regenerative tooth.  I’ve made a line where her tooth used to be and you can see how high it’s grown and the gap left to fill in.

Weird, huh?


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Wigglebottom Doesn’t Cooperate

  1. That’s cool. I haven’t heard that story before. Maybe I could help you get that photo, and it would be better than the video of her excitedly, but not outrageously, greeting me upon a visit. Maybe the Butcher could video us attempting to get a photos of the dog’s tooth. Now that sounds like something people would pay money to watch.

  2. Sure, find a way to render me more obsolete than ever.It looks like the tooth broke off all the way down at the gum line. Maybe you could make this a sort of anniversary and take a picture every year to mark the continued growth to see if it ever completely fills in the space remaining. It could be like marking off children’s height on the wall.

  3. No, not clear at the gum line, but I had to wedge her head between my legs, pry open her mouth with one hand and take the picture with the other, so I couldn’t get her bottom lip out of the way. So it’s hard to see that there was a little tooth left, but there was.I’m not sure I’m game for doing that again, though she seemed to find it great fun.

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