Fire burn and cauldron bubble

It’s not October without a weird woman chanting over a smoking cauldron and so I do my part to add a little magic to the neighborhood. The utiseta had to be early this year as I’m not going to have nine more consecutive nights at home after this week.

I think it’s gone well, if different, than in previous years. I’m really digging the new cauldron anyway.

Here’s the altar and some shots of it in use. Note the turkey bone (ha!).





4 thoughts on “Fire burn and cauldron bubble

  1. I think you picked a good time. My husband and I watched the moon rise tonight over one of the mountain lakes.

  2. The altar is inside. I rarely get to sit out actually out just for logistical reasons. I need to be left alone; I have to be able to mark off a circle; and… well, that’s it.I got outside on Friday under the Harvest Moon and my neighbor kept coming out back to smoke and play with his dog (because who doesn’t play with their dog at 11:30 on a Friday night out back behind their house in the dark?) and so all I ended up doing is feeling very relaxed, but not particularly in touch with anything.I almost emailed Huck to ask him how far out in the middle of nowhere he actually was and whether I might borrow a dark back corner of his property, but I thought that might be imposing a little bit.

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