Why Mrs. Wigglebottom Will Be Making a Trip to WKRN

Though this will surprise no one, I have learned through the grapevine that the Middle Tennessee Blogger who Shall Not Be Named actually has no opinion on pitbulls what so ever and was, in fact, on his little anti-pitbull kick solely to establish some blogger cred.

This makes me so angry it’s all I can do to not call in late tomorrow morning, head over to the station with Mrs. Wigglebottom in tow, and demand he apologize to her to her face, at which point, she will, as we all know, start licking him, and maybe he will have an allergic reaction to her saliva, go to the hospital, where doctors will discover that he has no soul, at which point maybe they can at least give him an artificial one. 

8 thoughts on “Why Mrs. Wigglebottom Will Be Making a Trip to WKRN

  1. Now, I have a question – if they give him an artificial soul, will it be a soul of a pig or one of those new fandangled souls they created in a lab somewhere?

  2. The funny thing is that his partner seems so nice and sweet that I can’t help but wonder if they couldn’t do like they do for people who need livers, where they can take part of a liver from a compatible person, and give him some of his partner’s soul.Yes, Coble, I know we all thought that was going on. That he’s running around telling people that, like it’s so grandly funny, really makes me angry all over again.

  3. Trolling for street cred?That’s pretty low but when it was going on, I thought to myself that there seemed to be more to this than met the eye..

  4. He’s actually owning up to it now? Like it was a cute thing to be proud of? That’s kind of like a newly potty-trained child who wants to show his turd to everyone.What an ass.

  5. I don’t know if he’s bragging about it, but I certainly feel like he’s trying to have a laugh about it at my expense all this time later.

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