And If Amanda Threatens to Kick the Ass of the Scene, That Will be Funny, Too

Dear Nashville Scene,

Here’s what happened. Nemesisboy showed up at a little blogger get-together wearing a Darth Vader mask. Ninety percent of the people there thought it was hilarious. Nine percent of the people there had no idea who nemesisboy was. One percent of the people there–Amanda and me and Coble, if I’m remembering it right, thought it was stupid, because how can anyone drink a beer with a big Darth Vader mask on his face?

The only person I recall being “miffed” was Amanda, because dude would not back off when we were trying to have a conversation. Amanda, never one to shy away from a fight, made it clear that he should leave or she would kick his ass.

It was pretty damn funny. Especially when he and his little crowd then immediately decided that they were too cool for the party and hastily left. Especially because, if you’ve ever seen Amanda, she seems all beautiful and girly, so when she turns on the “Oh, I’m so sorry I’m going to have to do you in” stuff, it’s both shocking and hilarious. Because, she can and would kick an ass if it came down to it.

I mention this only because your take on the incident is as follows–“And when Nemesisboy showed up at a local blogger meet-up in a Darth
Vader mask, some bloggers were miffed—proof that intelligence has
nothing to do with sense of humor.”–seems to overlook the fact that Amanda and I were howling with laughter. I think we have grand senses of humor.

Or don’t we count because we’re breasted bloggers?

See? That was funny, and I’m sure it made Roger Abramson (the only Scene-affiliated blogger who failed to win an award this year. Poor Roger. Were you unaware of his place as Best Conservative Blogger Regularly Run out of Conservatism by Terry Frank?) cringe and laugh.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that what an alt.weekly calls “miffed” might seem to two girls at a bar like “mildly confused and being obnoxious in return.” And since it wasn’t like anyone but Amanda, me, and Nemesisboy heard what she said to him, it seems pretty presumptuous of Tracy Moore to tell the story like he was there.

Oh, got it. Very clever.

Anyway, thanks for calling Amanda and me intelligent.

I look forward to the day when you stop acting like blogging is the equivalent of someone peeing on you–something you have secret fantasies about at least enough to let one or two people you trust try it, but not something you’re ever going to accept from the general public.

As always,

Aunt B.

So, it turns out Tracy Moore is a girl.  That made me laugh so hard I think I hurt my eye.

12 thoughts on “And If Amanda Threatens to Kick the Ass of the Scene, That Will be Funny, Too

  1. I was definitely one of the breasted, and not so miffed as just confused.I think maybe someone was just hurt about there having been an actually cool party to which they were not invited. ;-p

  2. When we’re in our group marriage, Chris is totally going to just have to accept my role as adder-to-er of your tall tales.As for your birthday, I’m totally jealous. I wish someone from the Nashville Scene, who wasn’t even there, was writing stories about me like I was some kind of legend.

  3. Heh, no, his name is not Chris Slack. It’s Chris Somethingorother. He plays in a band called Slack.The same "Chris Slack" who once slagged off others at PITW for not using their real name. Heh.

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