The Tiny Cat is Made of Lead

The tiny cat is a tiny cat.  She looks only slightly smaller than the orange cat, but much of that is fur.  Under it all, she weighs about eight pounds, sometimes less.

Sometimes, though, she can wake you up out of a dead sleep by just stepping on you.  It’s as if she can concentrate the mass of a black hole right where her every paw is placed on your skin.

The orange cat must weigh twice as much at the tiny cat and yet he does not have the ability to step on you and leave bruises.

It’s very strange, the tiny cat.

9 thoughts on “The Tiny Cat is Made of Lead

  1. It’s called "pokey feet". We had a 4 pound tortoise shell that could drive nails with her "pokey feet". We have a 15 pound tom cat with soft feet that can walk on egg shells.Go figure.

  2. Homer Raincat is a fat one at 22 lbs and he concentrates every ounce into his feet, in order to poke you as much as possible.There’s some scene from a John Candy movie where a grizzly bear is bouncing up and down on a door on top of John Candy, that’s the equivalent of how Homer Raincat likes to wake me up.

  3. One of the talents of a cat is supposedly stepping lightly. Maybe the tiny cat is deficient in her catness. Or maybe it’s some sort of modifcation that the CIA gave her when she took the job with them.The scene saraclark is referring to is awesome. Classic.

  4. I should have probably guessed it was her CIA skills. She wanted me to stay up all night petting her. I wanted to go to sleep. I should have guessed she had ways of getting back at me, by keeping me from sleeping.

  5. One of my orange girls is also afflicted with feet of unusual weight. She can’t possibly weight more than 12 pounds, but I have woken up with rib pain from her walking around on me while I was asleep numerous times.

  6. Jinx is also a tiny cat; always has been, and yet is also pretty heavy-footed. She weighs maybe 7lbs., tops, and people always think she is very young, when in fact she will be 19 years old in December.But in the last week or two she has gone from regular meowing to chirpy-like squeaks to now almost nothing. What gives? Can cats get laryngytis?

  7. We only have huge fat cats nowadays, but I do remember this sensation from my (long gone *sniff*) tiny cat. The petite little thing packed quite a punch!

  8. This is the phenomenon known in our house as stiletto paws. Tiny cat, dainty paws but the concenration of the weight bruises!

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