The Doors

Raise your hand if you don’t like The Doors.

Now, smack yourself with that same hand.

What the fuck?  Who does not like The Doors?

I mean, aside from Chris Wage and, apparently, Knuck

How can this be?  Were you dropped on your heads as small children?

I just don’t understand.

U.S. Bank is There When I Needed It

I got up early to walk the dog and have time to finish packing.  I was groggy so I thought I would lock and shut the door and then put my keys and cellphone in my jacket pocket, which would have been quite the feat of physics, since my keys and cellphone were on the other side of the now locked door.

I was upset, to say the least, and convinced that this was some kind of omen for how the trip to Memphis would go.  But I decided not to include Mrs. Wigglebottom in on my misery, so we went for our walk anyway.

When we got back, I opened up the mailbox and what was there?

My new U.S. Bank checkcard.

I shit you not!!!!

So, I open the envelope and spend ten minutes trying to remember how to jiggle the card and the door.  I whisper kind words over the doorknob, asking for help.  Still, I’m stuck outside.

And finally, I stopped trying so hard.  Instead of trying to ram the card up under the latch, I just kind of finessed a corner up under there and *pop* the door opened.

I got the dog a treat, and called U.S. Bank to get a replacement card, since I’d pretty much mangled the new one.

But, of course, no problem.

Can you believe that?  Seriously.  I’m still about to fall out of my chair about it.  Even the chick at U.S. Bank could not believe the fortuity.

And, I’m still running early.  I locked myself out of the house and I’m still running early.

Well, hurray.  I’ve got the computer packed, so the next time y’all hear from me–knock on wood–it should be from downtown Memphis.