Memphis in the Meantime

All right, I’m watching Ghost Hunters and packing for Memphis.  I’ve been to Memphis lots to visit Plimco, but I’m always open for things I should not miss.

What do you guys recommend?

7 thoughts on “Memphis in the Meantime

  1. Voodoo Village!Oh wait, I’ve gotten fisked by some for admitting to being fascinated with this legend before. So … nevermind. (If you go, let me know what it’s like!)

  2. I haven’t been outside of downtown Memphis, but I can tell you with no hesitation to avoid Coyote Ugly with all your might.Although I don’t even know if that’s the area you’ll be in.

  3. Can you drive by and see if my old purple house in the ghetto is still standing? I think it was demolished. I loved that house. Remember the basement with the dirt floor? And our home made ouija board? That turret. The crack heads next door. 1022 Peabody. I think they tore it down and marked it condemned. Sad. There’s this place downtown called Ernestine and Hazel’s (if it’s still there) that plays soul music and makes the best cheeseburgers ever downstairs right behind the bar which leaves a layer of grease all over everything (this aids in the slippery-shoe-ness required of dancing to soul) And then upstairs is an old out of tune piano that a straw haired boy named Matt used to play. We "dated" until I found out he was celibate, so it wasn’t much fun after that.And then…OH! What is the name of that place? Shoot. Rendezvous? No, that’s the place with the dry rub ribs… It’s one word… It’s this bar where they only serve 40s. You get a beer, clunk!, they plop a giant 40 in a bottle in front of you… Genius.

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