If Anyone Should Have a Pod Cast…

It’s the Butcher.

For some reason, he had nothing going on last night and so we sat around watching TV and eating Chinese and cracking each other up.

He was also doing laundry.  He’s broken the dryer.  I’m waiting to see how long it takes him to mention that.  So far it’s been a week with no word.

Not that it’s broken to an unusable point, but you do have to set the time you want it to go with a pair of pliers, which means you have no idea how long y0u’ve set it for, just that it’s set.

He went to a wedding this weekend and was showing me all the pictures he took of his suits.  Apparently, he hung them all up, snapped photos of them all, and then took the camera to the store and picked out a cool tie that would go with one of them.

He did get a pretty cool tie, too, so maybe that’s a good strategy.

Ha, sorry.  This post sucks.  I’m distracted.  He didn’t get Sunday off, so I’m not sure how I’m getting to the airport.  I guess I need to see if the Professor’s in town.  And when I start to think that the work week that started a week ago yesterday won’t be over with until a week from Saturday, I start to feel a little frazzled.

I know a lot of people work twenty days straight without complaint, but I am not those people.  Here I am only on day nine and I already don’t know what day it is or whether I have clean underwear or when I’m going to do the dishes.

On the plus side, day nine is almost half way through!  So, all I have to do is hang in there for eleven more days and then I can have a day off, come into the office, get all my travel stuff straightened out, and take some real days off that just involve laying around on my couch all day. 

So, onward!

Plus, I think I’ve been kicking ass in the thoughtful post department, so as much as I like to whine, I kind of think having my schedule disrupted has been good for my brain.

3 thoughts on “If Anyone Should Have a Pod Cast…

  1. He took pictures of his suits to go shopping for a tie? Wow. That’s effort. Is the Butcher secretly a metrosexual?

  2. I forgot to tell you that I saw someone on the plane reading some magazine whose cover story was "DIY Pocasts: All You Need to Know …" I was going to buy you a copy of that too, but I couldn’t catch enough of the title of the magazine, which wasn’t familiar, to find it in the airport easily. Because, in line right after the Butcher of people who need podcasts is YOU.

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