Looking Good, But Not Feeling Good


The Shill’s sister is an accomplished jewelry maker. While we were up there, she was parading around a stunning necklace of lacy metallic joy. I loved it. I even tried to discern how much it might cost for a girl to get one for herself, but to no avail.

So, what should arrive today?

No, not Tiny the Wonder Fetus (who would, at that point, become Tiny the Wonder Baby). A necklace of my very own!

I put it on Mrs. Wigglebottom in an effort to raise her spirits. You can see it didn’t exactly move her to good health. But at least she’s not making that noise any more.

And on an even cooler note, according to the brief message in with the necklace, the style has been named after me. It’s called the Theckla.

Oops. I spoke too soon. She’s making it again.

6 thoughts on “Looking Good, But Not Feeling Good

  1. It’s just bee-YOO-ti-ful! And so is the name!I also love how it looks like Mrs. W. is wearing a low-cut dress and has some cleavage showwing. Awesome!

  2. The only disappointment is that she’s about two centimeters away from her famous pout. When she gets that bottom lip out there, you just about can’t tell her "no" because she’s so cute!If I had a picture of Mrs. W. with her pout, I could rule the world.

  3. Yay — I’m so glad it arrived in one piece! Not sure if I spelled Theckla correctly (I know that’s one of the correct spellings but couldn’t recall if it was YOUR spelling). South Paw is currently working to start her business (she is doing a fabulous set of jewelry for a bride and her four bridesmaids) and we’re setting up a web site for here. I expect TCP to shill for her site once it’s up and running. ;-)As for Tiny, it has seen fit to ignore its due date and make me as miserable as humanly possible. That said, I made lunch plans for tomorrow so perhaps the kid will enjoy spoiling that.

  4. BTW South Paw adores your description of the Theckla as "lacy metallic joy" and says you’re welcome to write all her catalog copy.

  5. I’m wearing it today. It’s so awesome. I’ve gotten tons of compliments. You must pass on my extreme gratitude to South Paw as it kicks ass. It’s also surprisingly light. It looks like it should be heavy, but it’s not. It’s very comfortable to wear.

  6. It’s quite a beautiful necklace, even more so on Aunt B than Mrs. W. And, given what her office looks like, it’s aptly named in her honor.

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