Kleinheider v. Coble

While Brittney’s on vacation, Coble’s been filling in for her over on Nashville is Talking.  Kleinheider is, as always, at the helm of Volunteer Voters.

This means that both of WKRN’s big blogs are being run by conservatives at the moment.

It’s interesting to me to watch who’s getting trolled and who’s not.

Both people hold similar opinions.

One gets treated respectfully and the other’s got to sit through a slough of condescending comments about her political beliefs.

I wonder why that is.

29 thoughts on “Kleinheider v. Coble

  1. The unsurprising thing I’ve noticed about the Tennessee blogosphere is that I (a woman; the gender is relevant to this observation) have been attacked by both males and females in the most abusive, unfair, and personal ways for expressing immigration-control views held by a majority of Americans (according to many polls), while Kleinheider, the Six Meat guys, and a few other male bloggers express the same views or even more non-PC views and receive nary a negative response.Ponder on this if you care to. I figured it all out when I was a girl long ago.That’s the blogosphere. It’s different in real life. The many people who contact me privately are overwhelmingly supportive, and most of that support has come from males. Women are leading most of the grass-roots immigration-control groups. Years ago, before immigration-control was cool, women stepped forward in their communities and and took the abuse that most males at that time were too timid to invite and face.Just an interesting part of the record, and I do advise Americans to leave one.

  2. Well, you’re all girls . . . what do you expect? JOKING!!!!!!!!!!Do you find yourself being attacked by mostly men, mostly women, or split? Just curious . . .Maybe both men and women feel it’s easier to confront a female, OR maybe your opinions aren’t what certain people think a female’s opinions SHOULD be?

  3. Ed, those are interesting questions. I guess it’s split. Some of the guys who attack me on the blogs are part of my/our ongoing political opposition, and I’m used to that. Some of it is righteous indignation and ignorance. Some of it is pure chauvinism — if not outright, then in the selective nature of their targeting.We’re in a fight for control of our country. I’ve always been clear on that. Our opposition has tried to discredit immigration-control advocates and take us down, and they will if they can. I’ve never had any illusions about that. I have a thick skin and kind of a quirky view and take on things. I’ve been involved in very controversial issues since I was a teenager, done a lot of public speaking for such, and I’m never surprised by what people say and do. Disappointed sometimes, but not surprised. I’ve seen it all.I’ve been reviewing my experience in blogdom, because I may not have much presence here after the election. I’ve decided that if I ever activate my blog on Blogger, its focus will be Maury County, with some immigration issues thrown in.I’ve enjoyed my sojourn in blogdom. Many interesting and talented participants. More grist for the mill.Carry on.

  4. Cool. While I’ve been blogging only a few months, I’ve been on discussion forums since the 90’s. I’m still getting used to the whole blogging thing. It’s VERY different from chat forums.Anyway, I was just curious to see if you saw a pattern in people who opposed what you say.

  5. Ed–Yes, blogging is VERY different from chat fora. I would suggest that you start your own blog and showcase your ideas there. Then come to dialogue in the comments on other people’s blogs. I would also suggest that you never again call me a "girl". I’m 36. I work hard. I’m educated. I juggle home and a career. I’m well past Girl stage.

  6. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/dialoguedi‧a‧logue  [dahy-uh-lawg, -log] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb -logued, -logu‧ing. –noun1. conversation between two or more persons.2. the conversation between characters in a novel, drama, etc.3. an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue, esp. a political or religious issue, with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement.4. a literary work in the form of a conversation: a dialogue of Plato.–verb (used without object)5. to carry on a dialogue; converse.6. to discuss areas of disagreement frankly in order to resolve them.–verb (used with object)7. to put into the form of a dialogue.Also, di‧a‧log.

  7. I don’t think the Mother Tongue guy uses that kind of off-color language.The question is, Ms. Potty Mouth, when did #6 come into common usage.

  8. And from the Mother Tongue Horse’s Mouth:"Nice. Look, those of you who read my weblog regularly know that while I love my slang dearly (yes, even—gasp!—vulgar slang!), there is (a) a time and a place for this type of informal language; and (b) there is NEVER, EVER a time and a place for racist language and/or language that puts down developmentally challenged individuals. Period. End of freakin’ sentence."http://www.mtannoyances.com/?p=340So, clearly, telling you to "go fuck yourself" is okay by MTguy. What we cannot say is "go fuck yourself, you mentally subnormal troll." Which is why I didn’t say that.

  9. KatI’ve got a blog. I like it, but it’s kinda’ boring without any real feedback. What’s the point, you mknow?Oh, and as far as calling you a gril goes, eh, you’ll live. I’m sure you’ve been called far wors and probably will again. If you take offense to being called a "girl", you should probably get off the net now before you REALLY get your feelings hurt.I don’t say offensive things to offend. If I offend, I’m sorry. But if you’re taking offense to that, your offensensitivity is WAY out of kilter. You’re going to have a REALLY tough time on the web.I’m really offended by your offense. Lol

  10. Horseshit.It clearly has its greatest popularity among Sociology majors, organic food market co-op members and people who think "activist" is an actual job.

  11. You would argue with Lincoln’s head on a penny, wouldn’t you? I can’t believe you’re all "I wonder what Tim Warner would say" and ready to believe that guy but you won’t believe the OED.

  12. Tim Warner is apparently a real person. Pardon me for being curious as to his opinion.For all I know this so-called OED is hoax perpetrated by a bunch of snaggled-toothed Britons getting their larfs from planting bogus info regarding word origins and derivations.

  13. Are you wearing any special headgear as you type your vast conspiracy theories?Actually, I bet you’d look quite dashing in a tinfoil hat, and it keeps snaggle-toothed Britons from reading your mind.

  14. Oh my god! I’m typing into the OED website right now! And it’s causing you to randomly blurt out how awesome I am! I do control language! Bwahahahahahah!Soon, soon, I will open multiple windows thus causing many of you to blurt out how much you love me and want to lick my cooter!My evil plan is almost complete. My time of victory so close at hand!

  15. Please. Everyone know the true puppet masters have yet to show their faces. You only THINK you have some way to influence the OED.If you actually did control the OED, your cooter would have been attended to by some unwitting stooge some time ago.

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