Another evening with the Butcher and Mrs. Wigglebottom sleeping on the couch with the TV on. Thank goodness he was only intermittently watching baseball, so I got to spend most of the evening watching NCIS. Weirdly enough, when he wakes up, he keeps flipping to “Dancing with the Stars.” Who would have, in a million years, guessed that the Butcher likes “Dancing with the Stars”?

(Yes, Exador, that is a ratty Russian flag on his shirt. I assume you’ll take some strange comfort in knowing we lay around watching tv resting on our pit bull wearing commie clothing.)


11 thoughts on “NLCS/NCIS

  1. Like I didn’t already know that. The only surprise is that he’s not spooning the little red book of Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung.

  2. That’s Monday nights. Wednesday nights, we all gather around Monosyllabic Pedantry and sing Woody Guthrie songs. You’re welcome to join us.

  3. I know! It’s not like she’s from Mars and has never heard words before. Isn’t her dad supposed to be some high ranking bigwig in the Israeli government? And she’s a trained government agent herself? You’re going to tell me that a family of at least two generations of public service isn’t teaching their kids two or three languages from the time they’re little?So, anyway, yes, I always thought it was weird that she wasn’t fluent in English and I’m glad they’re done with that joke. Also, how long has Ducky’s little assistant been getting some? I missed that before now.

  4. See that photo? Don’t make me send those two over to your house to teach you the joys of watching NCIS.

  5. In the strangest bit of wierdo casting since "Memoirs of a Geisha" was given an all-Chinese cast, isn’t the woman who plays Ziva from Colombia?Oh well, I guess the producers just figured, "What the hell? She’s kinda swarthy and speaks with a funky accent."Love the show, though.

  6. Is it wrong that I’m kind of looking forward to when Mrs. W. gets a little older and slightly deaf so that I can get lots of good pictures of her when she’s sleeping all cutely?This morning she looked so darling, but when I went to take her picture, she sat right up like "Oh, yes, let me pose." At this rate, she’ll never make it on Cute Overload, even though she is so cute.Also, the Butcher wants me to tell y’all that he watches "Dancing with the Stars" because he feels bad for Sara Evans.Chilean? Okay, yes, that’s some weird casting.

  7. NCIS is so bad, and has such simplistic plot lines, that even the prospect of watching that hunky Mark Harmon, who I have had a crush on for ages, is not enough to make me sit through it.My 81-year old mother, on the other hand, loves it too. Make of that what you will.

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