In Which I do Jamey Tucker’s Research for Him

Jamey Tucker says:

So why aren’t more people ticked off about this? Why do the majority of people and decision makers in this country turn their heads when someone mentions the problems of a sex and porn saturated society? Why do we not hear from women’s groups such as NOW and the primary women leaders in this country stand up and speak out? Why do we continue to allow porn spammers and porn websites to function?


So speak up Oprah. Speak out Hillary. It isn’t going to get better.

I find:

1.  It is not true that women leaders are not speaking out.  Katie Allison Granju is a feminist.  She is speaking out against our "porn saturated society," which Mr. Tucker knows because he’s quoting from her blog.

2.  Even though it’s totally fashionable to throw out the parts of the Constitution that get in the way of us tramping all over the rights of U.S. citizens, pornographers do have a first amendment right to say whatever they want, just as racists have a first amendment right to sit around and watch Birth of a Nation 50 times in a row, and wacko militia folks can read The Turner Diaries.  That’s how our country works, or at least, how it worked before yesterday.

3.  Oprah regularly already does shows that look at the "problem" of pornography.  She’s already speaking out.

4.  Clinton’s own website is full of her "I hate sex and violence" rhetoric–"I have also spoken out against the culture of violence and sex in the media, comparing this growing problem to a disease that, if left untreated, will become an epidemic."

5.  I was able to discover that there is a well-known radical feminist blog here in Middle Tennessee, complete with email address for Egalia, so that someone could write her and ask her for some insight into how women’s organizations feel about pornography and for how long the ones that have been against it have been active. 

In other words, I have discovered that doing the things Mr. Tucker thinks need to be done will not prevent him from chastising you for not doing them.

15 thoughts on “In Which I do Jamey Tucker’s Research for Him

  1. It’s hard work being an all powerful feminist. I was planning to rid the world of porn right after I eradicate child prostitution. I could use an assistant, maybe Jamey Tucker would like to volunteer?

  2. Aw, shit! No, that’s not an on purpose slight. That’s just me being an idiot. That may be the only thing that saves me from being unbearably self-righteous, that I am an idiot and know it.

  3. What?No, Jamey’s a guy. And, as far as I can tell, not a feminist.Oh, do you think I’m advocating we shut down all pornography?No, clearly you know that to not be true…No, I’m just saying that if Jamey wants to take people to task for not doing anything about porn, he needs to make sure that the people he’s criticizing actually are not doing anything.A lot of women, feminist and non, are actively opposed to porn. But a lot of women, feminist and non, are not. It’s one of the most enormous rifts in contemporary feminism.I have no problem with porn in a loose sense–in that if folks want to look at photos of naked naked people having sex, more power to us.My problems with porn are all of the concern about the people making it and whether they’re of age and if they’re being coerced and whether men who spend hours looking at violent porn are then taking certain attitudes and expectations into real life. But I don’t think banning it is any kind of a solution.Other feminists have different opinions.But that’s not the point of my post.

  4. … pornographers do have a first amendment right to say whatever they want …=================================Well put, and quite accurate.=================================In other words, I have discovered that doing the things Mr. Tucker thinks need to be done will not prevent him from chastising you for not doing them.=================================I think what he’s saying is that he doesn’t see widespread feminist revolt over pornagraphy.To me, it’s a great platform for feminists to adopt because, hey, abortion is getting old and too polarizing, and, oddly enough, I haven’t heard a PEEP from the "women in combat" supporters in a few years.Of course, it MAY be because there are lots of women making BIG BUCKS in the business. I believe that Penthouse Magazine is owned by a woman. There are lots of women going into the business themselves as owner/operator/stars especially with the internet boom.On a grand scale, I think what porn does is desensitize EVERYONE to sexuality. It’s especially true with young people, I believe.What’s REALLY ironic, though, is what Glenn Beck said last night about men and porn now. Basically, he quoted a pretty hefty percentage of men who would rather surf porn on the net than actually go out with a "real" female. I think that’s pretty telling of our society, for both men and women.

  5. Ease up, B. I mean, well, you know, Jamey has real important stuff to do, like write blog posts about the failures of feminism rather than actually doing research or (heaven forbid!) getting out and kicking some ass on the issue himself. Don’t wait for an engraved invitation, Jamey. There’s plenty to do for all of us so if you see something that needs doing, just go ahead and put your hand to the plow. That pretty much goes for everyone who wanders around wondering why no group has addressed their hot-button issue. But that’s assuming that his point was not to publish inaccurate information and sling around unsupported generalizations in an effort to burn some strawfeminists. I hear that people do that sometimes.

  6. Since when is FEMINISM the problem here. Katie was clearly talking about how porn is saturating society. Last time I looked, the majority of "society" weren’t feminists.Society is mothers and fathers who let their daughters wear hoochie mama clothes.Society is men who are fathers of small boys and still leave FHM, Esquire, and the SI swimsuit issue laying around in front of their children.Society is the audience for TV shows where hoochie clad daughters flirt with their fathers to get their way. Society are the people who think putting toddlers in sweatpants with "JUICY" written across the ass is cute.Society is children’s beauty pagents.This is not feminism’s fault. It’s feminism’s bane.

  7. I hate this kind of obliviousness. I’m constantly being struck by the cries of "why don’t prominent X complain about Y" when the prominent X are going nuts trying to get their complaints about Y out there. It isn’t limited to one issue, or to one side of any issue. The worst I can remember recently was a year or so ago when prominent national newspapers in the U.S. and Europe ran a bunch of articles about local Muslim leaders feeling very frustrated because they were issuing statements and preaching sermons against violence, in favor of "Western" society, and the like, but they couldn’t get on the news because that just wasn’t catchy enough. In the following week I saw three letters to the editor in the Tennessean complaining that Muslims were failing to speak out against violence and anti-westernism. Do some research, folks.

  8. Stoves. None would exist as they do today without electricity. Of course, I use a gas stove and always have.

  9. Or digital cameras. Or cell phones.Most technology is advanced because of porn. Necessity used to be the mother of invention. Now it’s masturbation.Still, that’s no reason for the ENTIRE culture from infancy to be slathered in porniness.

  10. What? You mean reading Tiny Cat Pants and thinking of me is not enough to put all y’all in the mood? I just don’t believe it.

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