Things that Made Me Smile

1.  Fries at lunch.  I could live on potatoes.

2.  Seeing trade authors with sales numbers in the low thousands. Very low thousands.  Heh.

3.  Speaking of authors, Dooce writes four times a week AND she pulls in an upper middle class income?  And gets to stay home with her dog?  Let’s all take a moment to daydream about that together…

4.  But wait!  My daydream about staying home with my dog has been interrupted by the thought of my new cute neighbor strolling down our street this morning, one hand raised in a graceful wave, the other cradling a beer can.  He’s got these shoulders… You know those good wooden hangers nice suits come on?  The way they give the suitcoat a nice kind of triangle shape along the top, but really accentuate that line across the upper back of the coat?  That’s what my neighbor’s shoulder muscles do to his t-shirts, stretch them out in this solid straight line from shoulder to shoulder.  And the man has the cutest stroll.

At least, I’m assuming he’s a neighbor.  He waved and was headed towards the dead end.  And had a open beer.  But maybe he’s just a hobo beer thief… still, that would be kind of cool.  As long as he doesn’t steal my beer. 


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