If I Were Fancier…

The Playwright is in a play, which you should go see, (which I need to remember to go see), but which is not actually the point of this post.

Look at her hair!

Y’all, I wish I had cool hair.  I kind of wish I had blue hair that matched my eyes.

But I’m afraid to dye it because I love how soft and curly it is and I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be soft and curly any more if I dyed it blue.

But, I could settle for strikingly silver, which seems to be the color it’s considering turning, except that my silver hairs aren’t curly, nor are they particularly soft.

When you’re twenty, you can have blue hair.  And when you hit 65, I guess you can have blue hair again.  But being neither, I guess I’m stuck with brown.

21 thoughts on “If I Were Fancier…

  1. You could dye your hair red (some shades of red, anyway) or put in blue undertones or highlights, or make it a different shade of brown, without doing anything bad to the texture or messing with the curl. But if you want to make it significantly lighter, or go silver, or do a sort of punk bright blue thing, you will have to bleach it first, and that *will* mess up the texture.

  2. You have fabulous hair (and fabulouser eyes!). And there’s lots you could do, color-wise, that wouldn’t mess with either the curl or the softness (though shocking-blue may be a stretch). My own hair is colored, and does not lack curl! And I think it is softer and glossier when colored.

  3. I echo the whole "great hair, great eyes" thing. I’ve had no problems dying mine Magenta, but I have had problems with blue. Stay away from any "cool" colours (blues and greens). Warms, like reds, some purples and magentas do fairly well.

  4. Well, I think we all know I’m too lazy to keep it up, if I did dye it, so no worries. It is what it is. And someday it will be silver, probably sooner rather than later.

  5. Oh, and all these mentions of your great hair make me feel like I was insulting your hair by not mentioning it. But you do have great hair. Only I thought that that was a given.

  6. Oh no. Did y’all think I was digging for compliments? I hope not. I love my hair. I just also wish I had some way to occasionally turn it blue. I am most definitely not down about my hair, because it’s soft and smells fantastic.

  7. Can you dye hair black without having to bleach it first? My hairdresser said that it can’t be done. Not that I want to do it, but I was telling her that when I was a little girl I wanted to have long straight black hair just like Snow White and when my mother said I would never have long straight black hair I told her I would dye it. (B. has seen my hair, so she will know how funny that is.)

  8. I’d LOVE to do a platinum blonde, but like you say, I’d never pull it off because of the required maintenance.

  9. You know, a well-done blonde really is a beautiful thing, but yeah, the maintenance is a nightmare and the effort to strike just the right shade that looks good and looks good on you, well, I wouldn’t be up for it.NM, I’m trying really hard to imagine you with Snow White hair, but I just can’t.Probably someone will come along and tell us, but I think you must have to do something to your hair to get it to take that dark a shade. When I was in grad school, I tried to die my hair blue. I didn’t figure it would all go blue, but I thought the highlights would. I succeeded in turning the bathroom blue (as Dr. J can attest, if the old woman who just had her birthday can remember back that far), but nothing on my head.

  10. I had blue hair in the late 1980s. I had to strip itwhite and then add the color. The stripping wrecked the texture of my hair until I finally had to resort to butching it off and growing it back out. I’m sure the technology has improved in the last 15 years, but I’m now just too lazy to fuss with it.

  11. You have great hair. It’s a chestnut color and for some reason, I find that extradonary.I really wish I had Phil Donahue gray hair.Wouldn’t that be cool?

  12. You have great hair. It’s a chestnut color and for some reason, I find that extradonary.I really wish I had Phil Donahue gray hair.Wouldn’t that be cool?

  13. I bleached some streaks into my hair to add blue last spring. Like you, my bathroom ended up a lot more blue than my hair. The problem with really dark hair like mine is that it’s hard to bleach without a professional. I ended up with some great blue streaks, then a lot of greenish algae-like streaks. Not quite what I was going for. But I bet you could try some of that temporary spray-on stuff for kicks.

  14. Are hard-core feminists allowed to talk about such things like this, or is it just a Friday diversion? Cuz if I didn’t read this blog regularly, I’d be mightily confused about the hair topic, lumping it in with the makeup, heels, etc. arguments of feminism around here.Then again, I’m a few adult beverages on my way and my not-so-PC advice would be to anyone female wanting hair dressing, make sure the hairdresser is a man who’s queer as a three-dollar bill. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a SuperCuts hack job like I routinely get (from underqualified random females usually of the red-ish persuasion). I’m cheap like that and you ladies really do seem to get better results from the happy guy hair stylists, whatever the reasons…Gawd, how I miss the old Italian man in Little Italy who cut my stuff with a comb and a straight razor for 10 bucks. The Pinaud talc was just territorial overkill. :)

  15. Oh please. Hair dye is hardly a gendered topic. Everyone who has hair, despite the shape of their kibbles ‘n’ bits, can contemplate dyeing their hair all sorts of silly colors without setting the feminist movement back. Anyone want to explain how hair dye is inherently oppressive? Anyone? Bueller?As for dyeing hair black, I’ve got fine, dark brown, stick-straight hair, and I’ve gone jet black twice without any between steps. Just over-the-counter box dye — $10 — and twenty minutes later, I looked like I was wearing a witch wig (sans the wiry fuzziness). I found that the hardest part was getting the roots saturated without permanently blackening my scalp.

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