Just Lovely

I took a brief detour through the lovely city of Inglewood on my way to the hotel, but managed to remember that I need to stay this side of the 110 if I don’t want to also take a lovely tour of South Central.

Needless to say, after realizing what a lovely part of town I’m staying it, I decided to treat myself to a slightly larger car and valet parking.

Yes, Sarcastro, I am being a tad petulant.

On the other hand, right where I am is very beautiful and I am actually excited to get to explore some this week.

I’m a little frazzled from all the flying.  Both planes were packed and I had to break down and buy a book in Dallas because I got through everything I’d brought to read on the plane.

I picked up The Prestige, which is really good so far, if a little too conflicted about whether it’s a book about a trick or a character study.  Coble, I think you’d like it, if you haven’t read it.  It’s like Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell but with less whimsy and more Nikoli Tesla.

Okay, I must go find something to eat and unpack. 

L.A. Woman

Well, I just had to go ahead and get that little joke out of the way.  I’ve got to get in the shower so that I can be out of the shower by the time the Professor gets here.  I slept eleven hours straight yesterday and then took an hour nap during the world series.

It was as if I briefly hibernated, but I’m feeling better than I have in days, so I guess it was needed.

Speaking of hibernation, did I ever tell you the story about hibernation that Dr. J’s father-in-law told me?  I hope I don’t fuck this up, but if I do, I’m sure she can come by and give you the true details.

Anyway, Dr. J’s father-in-law is the school superintendent in Alaska.  He and his wife live in a small but close-knit community and one summer some guy from down here moved up there.  He seemed normal enough, if a little keep to himself, but come along this time of year, they realized that no one in town had seen him for a while and that they’d had a couple of good snows, so someone should go out and check on him.

So, Dr. J’s father-in-law and a couple of other men from town go out to this dude’s trailer and they knock.  No answer.  Knock again, no answer.  Look in the windows, see no sign of life.  So, they decide that they should break in.  What if he’s dead in there?  You don’t want to find that in the spring.

So, they hit the door hard enough to open in and in they go.  It’s dark and cold and the whole trailer seems to be covered either in full bags of Oreos or empty bags of Oreos–the full bags stacked neatly, the empty bags strewn about the trailer.

And, in one end of the trailer is an enormous pile of blankets and clothing.  They start to dig through it and there’s the dude, who wakes up enough to explain to them his glorious plan for hibernating all winter waking up occasionally only to eat a few Oreos.

I wonder what ever happened to that guy.

Anyway, I’m off on my L.A. adventure.

More later.