Brief Morning Notes

1.  I woke up at 4:30 this morning and felt so decadent.  Then I realized that it was only 6:30 in my head.  I tried to sleep longer, but now I have a headache.  Though the coffee seems to have helped some.  Anyway, my point is that I got to watch the sun rise over the interstate and even in the pitch dark of early morning, there was a bright river of cars coming up from the south.

2.  I have to be in Pomona at noon.  I’m going to leave by nine.  I hope that’s enough time.

3.  I am totally tempted to steal this mirror.  Every time I look up in it, I think, "gosh, what pretty blue eyes I have" which is a complete 180 from the usual "Oh, dear god, what can I do to fix that?" that I usually have when sitting in front of a mirror. 

2 thoughts on “Brief Morning Notes

  1. When you’re out there, check out Santa Monica. On my LA adventure, I went out the pier, and the weather was glorious. I actaully got to see a seal flapping around in the water near one of the wooden posts.

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