A Sonnet

Oh, Santa Monica Freeway you shine

Like a silvery river a-glitter

With busy folks with so little free time.

But my only task is not to litter.

And to think of things that rhyme with Bridgett

or Jebbo. That’s a name best left at the

beginning of sentences. I’ll fidget

with word order so the end’s Jebbo-free.

A sonnet that celebrates the I-10

And brings Bridgett and Jebbo fame again!

Now that I look at it, that’s not a sonnet is it? Ha, well, tough shit.  That’s what I’ve got for you.

2 thoughts on “A Sonnet

  1. It’s probably the best non-sonnet ever written to honor the dual ID of a raccoon’s tallywhacker bone. I just thought you’d post a poem you liked…I had no idea you’d actually write something for us. Thanks.

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