The Santa Monica Freeway Sometimes Makes a Country Girl Blue ooo ooo

I have had fucking "You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma" stuck in my head now for two days.  At this point, I will pay money to forget I ever heard that song. 

I have a confession to make.  I kind of love the Santa Monica Freeway.  I might feel differently by the end of the week, but driving in tonight from Claremont* I was stunned by how the interstates do look like rivers of light, some currents faster than others.

I must say that the traffic is not any worse than driving I-80 between Morris and Michigan City, it’s just that the highways seem to go on forever.  Tonight, just when I thought I must have missed my turn and must be about to plunge into the ocean, I was just at the Los Angeles city limits.

I’m totally digging this whole valet parking thing, too.

But god, the interstates are just beautiful.  I can’t get over it.

Anyway, I had a good day.  To say more would probably be inappropriate, except to say that I met a reader and she kicked so much ass and gave me so much to think about.  I feel lucky to have y’all.  I know you know that, but I just thought I’d say it anyway.

 I want to go to this store–Necromance.  Have any of y’all ever heard of it?  Cool or not?

I never did write Bridgett and Jebbo their award poem.

I need to get on that soon.

But for now, sleep is calling.

Can you hear it?

"B.  Oh, B.  Come rest your head on this pillow right here.  B.  Oh, B.  Sleep woman, sleep."

Who am I to fight with Morpheus? 



*I got there early, which was good, because I somehow got off the 10 and took highway 60 out to Pomona, which, you’ll be shocked to learn, is not the same city as Claremont, though, luckily, they are close by each other.  It was beautiful.  This whole place is beautiful.  I should have brought the camera.

2 thoughts on “The Santa Monica Freeway Sometimes Makes a Country Girl Blue ooo ooo

  1. I’ve got a softspot in my heart for ‘You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma’. When I was a boy my Dad and I would always play it when we went on fishing trips in the Smokies to remember my mom back home. She was born in Oklahoma. That song always reminds me of Mom.

  2. Damn you, Huck. That anecdote made me go all "aw, how cute!" and made me want to pat you on the arm like a grandma.

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