Sometimes the Funny is There. Sometimes it’s Not.

I have been trying for days now to come up with some funny way to blame Say Uncle for the fatalities in the Civil War.  All the pieces are there.  He reports that PETA is blaming hunters for school shootings.  He is a gun nut.  If gun nuts can be blamed for everything other gun nuts do… well, then, why can’t we blame Say Uncle for the Civil War?

See, all the elements of funny are there, but just not congealing in some way that satisfies me, so I’ve not bothered to make the joke, even though it nags at me that the joke is sitting there ready to be made.

Which is why I must congratulate Roger Abramson on the funniest thing I’ve read in some time.

Here’s what you need to appreciate Abramson’s genius.

First, Brittney makes this post.  Then Abramson makes this post.  Then Brittney makes this post.  And apparently almost everyone thinks that Abramson is seriously calling Brittney a racist.

There’s a point to be made here about how powerful humor is, but I’ll let you reach it yourselves.

Roger, I bow humbly before you. 

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