Time, See What’s Become of Me

I’m really glad I have the computer here with me, as it’s been a real boon in terms of doing what I’m out here to do.  But it’s also weird the way that it’s made me homesick.

I really like L.A. and I have a lot to do and so I’m not yet homesick for Nashville as a place.  But it hurts me to be two hours behind Nashville as an intellectual space.  I feel like I’m trapped in the past.  Like right now, it’s 9:18 in the morning Nashville time.  The folks at WKRN are getting settled in at their desks.  Folks at my office are already an hour into their day.  The Butcher only has three hours left in his shift.

And the sun isn’t even up here.

I feel like I’m sending you this message from a time you’ve already been through. 

I find that disconcerting.