Wherefore Art Thou, Donovan?

Some days a girl just needs to hear "Season of the Witch" and not some crappy attempt by Robert Plant, which is so non-creepy that I bet it embarrassed Jimmy Page just to think about it.

And yet, I’ve wasted my whole lunch hour looking for a free version to download.  No such luck.

Still, now I wonder how Hole’s version is.  

I can’t help it.  I know the woman is crazy.  I still love her…

…from far, far away. 

6 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou, Donovan?

  1. And you think the Donovan version is creepy? Hmmm. I can’t work up much attitude one way or another about the guy, but creepy isn’t a factor. However, if you just want the best version of the song, get the one from "Super Session" the album by Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, and Steve Stills. I think it’s only the latter two doing "Witch," but it’s absolutely boss. Not creepy, though. More like flying on a broomstick cool.

  2. Tonight, while escorting my kid on the yearly candy-grab, I came across a stack of abandoned apparently never played Winter Brothers and solo Winter records. I feel like I just won the damn lottery. Frankenstein, here I come!

  3. Well, definitely creepy in that "woo, this makes me feel like I could get on the broom and fly" way not creepy in the "I’m about to be killed" way.But there’s just something about his delivery that is just right. I hear that and I feel like I kind of get what worried "squares" about hippies.But okay, I’ll have to check this other version out.

  4. Another country heard from re the Super Sessions version. Except for a couple of songs, that entire album (and yes, it WAS an album) is amazing. Bloomfield could play that guitar.

  5. Turn to the master of the morose. Richard Thompson’s version is the one you’re looking for. Complete with a guitar solo that’ll peel the skin right off your face if you crank the volume up. Donovan actually joined him on stage for it earlier this year in San Francisco. Would have loved to have witnessed that!

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