The Butcher and I are Eating Christmas Candy, Watching TV, and Reading Blogs

That’s right–Christmas candy.  November 2nd.  Christmas candy. 

The Butcher is watching The Office and mocking the dog.

Knuck is spreading the wisdom on Rush and Muddy Waters.

Cricket, who found Tiny Cat Pants, has been found in return.  Her blog is awesome.  Ha, unless Cricket is not a woman, in which case, oops.

You can still help Claudia Nunez, if you’re so inclined.

There’s also plenty of time to clean my bathroom if you’re more into that type of thing.  Just leave me a note in the comments.

6 thoughts on “The Butcher and I are Eating Christmas Candy, Watching TV, and Reading Blogs

  1. how is it that a blog as good as Cricket’s can be out there and be missed so long? wow..the woman knows her music!thanks for sharing.

  2. John, I know! I’m dying of how cool it is. At the least, I’ve got to remember to pass it on to Brittney and get it up at Nashville is Talking.In hindsight, I feel a little fan-girly about the fact that Cricket stopped by.

  3. I’m with John — I feel a little stupid that Cricket and Mimi have been blogging and podcasting away and that I didn’t know about it. Reading their stuff in conjunction with yours was like going to a family reunion or something, moving from room to room amid familiar faces, laughing and catching up with the new arrivals.

  4. Heee, now I feel like I went on a blind date that worked out well or something. YAY for like minded people who like what we’re doing. Aunt B, we can mutually fangirl each other. I’m sure that will work out for everyone.Also the comments here make me feel all glowy and a little shy.And we’re definitely girls over at HCT.

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