There’s a White Ring Around the Moon

I was driving back from Coble’s and there was no one on the interstate.  And I pulled up to the house and there was a white ring around the moon.

The world is a lonely place and it helps to make small encampments of friends.

That’s what I thought about on the way home.


16 thoughts on “There’s a White Ring Around the Moon

  1. Oh, B, you make me cry. I’m hearing Fogelberg’s "In the Passage" now, which I always hear in my head everytime I go outside on a winter night.It’s those little campfires that keep us warm, honey.Stay warm. Many hugs.

  2. oh, I love that.also when the moon is full and just over the horizon so that it looks like an enormous…wheel of cheddar.look, Wallace and Gromit would’ve found it poetic, okay? it’s early.

  3. I love your phrase here, ‘small encampments of friends’. I spent a large part of last night with some of the friends almost family – Forristers. That indeed is a wonderful encampment.thanks for this.

  4. How true…. as it gets colder here in Chi-Town, my *funk* starts to set in.. due to shorter days, no escape to the lake for a run or to the corner bar for a beer on the patio. Times like these, make you realize that our pals are all we really need to make it through the loneliness we sometimes feel.

  5. The moon was so bright that I could have read a book in my unlit bedroom around 2:30 this morning.And it is lonely. And it does help.

  6. After all this surgery and mess, I have found the difference between being alone and loneliness.It’s been very enlightening. I’m sure there is a lesson for me here, but I’m too raw with everything that its overwhelming.In other words, I understand.

  7. Newscoma, I’ll just mention this because I feel compelled to–often times, when one is being initiated into holy work, they will undergo an experience in which the gods split them open and rearrange their innards and put them back together. After this long ordeal, the person begins his training as a shaman. Just saying.

  8. …this song is in tune, but this song is eclipsed by the moooon.I had the more obvious reference stuck in my head, but it was cool and I twirled around a little bit, sang it to my self while standing in the street and then went on into the house. It was a beautiful night and sight over the lake.

  9. B., is that split open/shamanism stuff what you were trying to get at a few weeks ago when you were talking about people marked by the effects of pain? The stuff I said didn’t make all that much sense to me and you siad you had to take a couple of weeks to figure out how to express it? Because if it is, I now understand where you’re going with it.

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