Weekend O’ Bloogers

Oops.  Bloggers.  It is a weekend o’ bloggers, not bloogers.  Still…

I got up, took the dog to the park, and ran over to the Mothership to have lunch with Lee and John H.  It turns out that Big Orange Michael and, get this, fucking Smantix! also showed up.  Yes, I know!  Fucking Smantix.  I found him delightfully funny and smart.  I know!  I may need a shower.  Or therapy.  But there it is.  I was kind of charmed by Smantix.

As for Lee, well, the next time we have Blogger Bunko, I suggest we invite Lee as our token man, because ooooweee is he cute.  Sincerely, if I had to rate the top two cutest bloggers I’ve ever met, one would be the Wayward Boy Scout, of course*, and two would be Lee.  Maybe we could have Exador and Lee come to Blogger Bunko and fan us and let us rest our heads in their laps and feed us grapes and tell us how cute we are.  That would be a refreshing evening.  Shoot, with men that conservative there, I bet we could even get Rumsfeld to agree to come for the one blogger in town who thinks he’s sexy.

But Lee is not all cuteness and conservative politics, he’s also a hoot.  Next time he comes down, we’re going to take him out honky-tonking.  I think that’d be a good time.

Blogger Bunco was a hoot.  You can read about it here, here, here, and here.  Coble’s house was fantastic and her food was delicious.  The funniest part was that she made this pumpkin cheesecake and everyone took some to be polite, but you could tell we were all thinking, “Ugh.”  And so it seemed like everyone’s first bite was very tentative and then *bam* we scarfed the rest down, it was so good.

Tonight the Butcher and I are going to see How I Learned to Drive and then we’re going to buy a new vacuum cleaner. 

No, I know, the excitement is almost too much for me to bear.  I can’t imagine how thrilling it must be to read about it.  But I do kind of want to get one of those wet/dry vacs.  I’m such a nerd.




*The first time I saw him I was certain he was an actor Sarcastro had paid to take me out to dinner… or a male prostitute.  Are there good looking male prostitutes?  Anyway, I guess that’s beside the point.


4 thoughts on “Weekend O’ Bloogers

  1. I wanted to go meet Lee very much, but after having exiled the spouse to the basement for 4 hours I kinda felt like I owed him my undivided attention for today. I hate that I missed that particular bunch, cause I love me some Smantix. The funny thing about the Pumpkin Cheesecake is that a)I didn’t like it very much and b)I didn’t even want to make it. I would much rather have made my Irish Cream cheesecake. ::pouts::But I AM glad you all enjoyed it. Although it did largely foil my plan to have a mediocre dessert that would leave you all cleaning me out of leftover halloween candy. And thanks for the nice words about the house. It makes all the hours spent cleaning and working to pay the mortgage less onerous.

  2. *blush*About that whole head in lap thing? Yeah, I’m up for that… literally. [rim shot]Had a great time meeting you, and John, and Big O Michael, and Smantix, and Mrs. Wigglesbottom, so I do want to come down again sometime soon.

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