Who’s in that Special Corner of Hell Reserved for PKs?

  • So, it turns out that I know someone who once rolled a joint using 1st Corinthians 14 as the rolling paper.
  • Sarcastro has a soft spot for pretty women.  Bdub does not.
  • We had dinner with the Butcher’s crazy friend who has a voice just like Angie Harmon.  By a vote of two out of three, with one person abstaining, we declared penises cute and balls ugly.  We also decided, by the same count, that, if one were going to get a tattoo on one’s penis, an accordion would be the way to go. We also unanimously agreed that the Professor is cute.
  • Really, I kid about the "pretty girl" thing, but if you feel at all moved to sign the petition for Claudia Nunez, please do.  She fucked up, yes.  She doesn’t deserve to be separated from everyone she knows and loves because of it.

12 thoughts on “Who’s in that Special Corner of Hell Reserved for PKs?

  1. I guess if you’re stoned enough, it’s not much of a trick to be silent in church. Kat, I think Psalms 18:33 would also do.

  2. I thought that’s why they gave out those little Gideons bibles each year in school. I can’t say that I ever picked out certain verses though.

  3. An Art Major, I came home from Knoxville to get my Bible as a reference tool for an Art History project. The first 10 pages of Genesis were missing. My brother’s friend finally ratted him out – they couldn’t find a phone book, so they used the Bible that I’d been given at birth to roll fatties.Ask me how thrilled I was with that.

  4. Typical man-hating liberal feminist, declaring all balls to be ugly. Have you seen all balls? If not, how do you know they are all ugly?

  5. Fair enough. I have not seen all balls. If y’all would like to take pictures of your balls and send them to me, fine. I’m open to being persuaded that there are some cute balls out there. I should just say, though, that I will be sharing any testicle photos with other judges, so keep that in mind.

  6. At church camp we smoked most of Genesis after realizing my bunkmate forgot the rolling papers. That paper is <em>not</em> meant for rolling joints.

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