What Should Be in Your Tool Box

I’m totally stoked about Lauren’s project and I’m about thirty seconds away from ordering Ivy to write up her "How to keep your car from being repossessed" tips for it, but I’m not sure what I have knowledge of that other people don’t.  Still, I’m going to throw in my two cents.  Feel free to chime in or disagree.  If you have practical knowledge you’d like to share, just post it in a post much like this one, and link to Lauren’s post, and click through so she can find it.


What Should Be in Your Toolbox at the Minimum

A flathead screwdriver

A Phillips screwdriver

A hammer that has some heft to it, but is not too heavy for you to use.

A tape measure

A level (or a tape measure with a level) 

A nice variety of little screws

A nice variety of nails and tacks

Electric tape

Duct tape

A lug wrench

An allen wrench

Sharp shears

A good box cutter

Needle-nose pliers

Snub-nose pliers

A crescent wrench

Extension cords

Phone & computer jacks and cords

A set of tiny screwdrivers if anyone in your family wears glasses or likes to play around with electronics 

Some white glue

Some quick drying glue

Some string or twine 

21 thoughts on “What Should Be in Your Tool Box

  1. Ha, I am dying to add Sarcastro’s phone number to the list."Honey, it’s 12:30 at night. Why is your cell phone ringing again?""It’s those god damn feminists.""That’s what you always say.""Well, because it’s always them."

  2. Hell, I just figured you would want the number of someone who knew how to actually use the tools along with your little fix-it kit.Or do screen doors and side view mirrors just fix themselves?Your after midnight conversation excerpt cracks me up.

  3. Well, I think we all know that, when faced with a problem, I rely on you to fix it, but sadly, not all feminists have a surly libertarian friend with your skill set and thus they might need to actually do this shit on their own.I assume you do that stuff for me because you like me, but if you’re game to do it for every feminist who needs some help…Ha, that would be awesome. You could advertise yourself as a feminist handyman. You come over to fix things and to argue philosophy.

  4. "Hell, I just figured you would want the number of someone who knew how to actually use the tools along with your little fix-it kit."In that case, you could include my phone number too. After all it _is_ a feminist toolkit.

  5. If I had any brains, I would have started that Hire-a-Husband/Husband-for-Hire racket.Get paid $50 an hour to come over and change lightbulbs, kill mice and move heavy furniture. No extra charge for impregnation.

  6. It’s not too late. I mean, clearly, now, you wouldn’t be able to use every tool you had, but there’s got to be a great demand for handymen, I’d think. I’d pay you $50 an hour to come over and clean our house.

  7. I keep a toolbelt and smaller tool holder (That loops around existing belts or nearby furniture) in my toolkit. That way, if you have to sit in an awkward position, run around the house, answer the phone (make sure there’s room in your toolbelt for both your cell phone and a cordless house phone, if you’re doing work around the house – getting up to run for the phone every few minutes is a pain, and will likely result in bumping your head on something), or use more than one thing repeatedly, you don’t have to stop and rummage every few minutes.I’d also add basic adhesives of some sort (I have a hot glue gun, wood glue, some Krazy glue, and many things more suited to art projects than fixing things.) At least one type of thick tacky glue (hot, actually tacky, or otherwise), and at least one type of thin, super-strong glue.And like most accident kits, a (digital, preferably) camera. If something is weird and it looks like it’s going to break, or you want to show someone else what you’re talking about, or you want to document that you did, indeed fix something (especially if you rent, or your repairs somehow impact someone else’s property), having a camera on hand to document that is a good idea. And we can all send pictures of our awesome repair jobs to Sarcastro, if we’re too far away to demand he be there in 15 minutes.

  8. Sheesh, you guys are acting like a bunch of girls. I will just add here that you should get yourself a good how-to-fix-it-yourself book (I have a Reader’s Digest one), and just look at it when something needs to be done. I do most of the repairs in our house, from replacing faucets and installing light fixtures to putting in new bathroom fixtures (a cordless drill is handy, too), because I know how to do it, and when to employ a toggle bolt.Most of it isn’t that hard at all. AT ALL. Follow some directions and save yourself hundreds of $$$.Geez, get a Can-Do Attitude, Girls! You’d be surprised what you can do!

  9. Peg,I’d pay $50 for a feminist woman to come over and fix stuff,so long as she wore a cool outfit. I’m thinking French Maid, or Daisy Duke overalls.

  10. "Coble, you have a lot of useful knowledge. You should do a post or two or three."Thanks. I’ve been wanting to. I just am having trouble thinking of a topic. Some of the ideas I’ve got so far:How to work with debt collectorsHow to negotiate with Health Insurance companies and hospitalsBasic first aid for basic ailmentsBasic Legal tool kit for gay and lesbian couples

  11. Exador, you’re on! Of course, in addition to the $50 per hour, I would expect a basic per diem rate, plus travelling and food allowances. I think it’s about 800+ miles from central IL to Nashville. As far as ‘outfits’ go, you have your choice between overalls (of the non-Duke-y variety), paint-stained jeans and shorts, and the same in t-shirts (though some of them do have holes in them, in strategic places).I am TOTALLY worth it. Whatd’ya say?

  12. Ex, too bad you didn’t know about that deal until after you’d installed the water heater!Coble, those sound awesome!

  13. Well, really I’d only allow that for the unimportant stuff, for the eye candy.For something that risks blowing up the house, I’d have to hire a man.<SMOOCH!>

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