I Wanted a Purse Just Like the One I Had, But Different

I got home from my trip to Target and Kroger and I was all “Butcher, come help me with the bags” and he just laid there on the couch with this enormous smile on his face.  And I was all, “Fuck you, I can tell you’re awake, I can see you smiling.”  And yet, he just laid there with his big old grin.

And then he snored.

It was the damnedest thing.  I wonder what he was dreaming about.

I went out and got a little something for the SuperGenius’s bridal shower.  I don’t believe in looking at registries.  I try to aim for the most useless, strangest thing I can find.  I think I did a good job with this gift.  But holy shit, buying a card sucked.  I guess we’re at the point in our lives where our milestones are all deathly serious or something.  So, I got her a blank card.  Hopefully, I can think of something witty before next Saturday.

I also bought a purse, because the awesome one the Professor bought me a million years ago was falling apart.  I’m convinced purses are the biggest scam.  You can’t ever find one that’s exactly right and, on the off chance that you do, you never can find one just like it again.

But this one’s okay.  We’ll see how it goes.

The Butcher just woke up.  He says he doesn’t remember what he was dreaming about.  I told him there was some sushi in the fridge if he wanted it and he smiled again.


In Which I Blatently Rip Off Say Uncle Yet Again

Say Uncle says the following on his site:

All email will be considered for publication, unless you say otherwise. Even if you do say otherwise, I may print it anyway. […] Use of this site indicates acceptance of these terms.

And I’ll admit that, up until today, I kind of thought that kind of wording was gruffly funny, but unnecessary.

But you live and you learn.

I’m going to whoop me up some legalese and stick it over there where y’all can find it whenever you need it.  But in the meantime, understand me clearly:

From here on out, any email I get that is related to Tiny Cat Pants, my behavior as a blogger, or blogging in general will be considered for publication, end of story.

 I hope that’s clear to everyone.