Things I’ve Eaten Because My Dad Thought It Would Be Okay

1.  Dry cat food

2.  Chalk

3.  A Goose Egg

4.  Lasagna with no sauce

5.  Raw Cookie Dough

Okay, I still eat raw cookie dough when I get the chance. 

Things My Dad’s Eaten Because I Thought It Would Be Okay

1. Sushi

2.  Pulled-pork barbecue

3.  Garlic Green Beans

4.  Jerk chicken

5.  Tart Apple Pie

Just saying. 


Things that Make Me Happy

Within the next week, I’m going to see the SuperGenius and meet the man she’s going to marry.  I’m going see the Shill and meet the little man she pushed out her cooter.  I’m going to meet Peg.  I’m going to see my favorite professor from undergrad.  I’m going to see my grandma and my aunt & uncle.

I’m going to tell you this funny story about my dad.

So, I called him up to tell him how I’d promised everyone I’d videotape him playing "House of the Rising Sun" and he said, "We’ll see.  I might have a cold by then."

I also informed him of my plans to have him drive me all over the far west suburbs on Saturday and he said, "Is this because I got the Shill and the SuperGenius confused?  Is this my punishment?"

He’s on to me. 

Hat-tip to Coble, for the good idea.

I’ve Said It Before and I’ll Say It Again

When you’re thinking about owning a dog from one of the pit bull breeds, you must seriously consider how you plan on brushing your teeth during thunderstorms.

Today, for instance, I was standing next to the sink in my towel, straddling my dog, one foot in the hallway and one foot on the bathmat, and cringing every time the dog started grinding her teeth, because the dog wanted to hide between my feet.  Unfortunately for her, she’s not a small dog.  I couldn’t provide her much cover.

She always feels better hiding in the bathtub when it’s storming.  I hope she can get herself in there.