Things that Make Me Happy

Within the next week, I’m going to see the SuperGenius and meet the man she’s going to marry.  I’m going see the Shill and meet the little man she pushed out her cooter.  I’m going to meet Peg.  I’m going to see my favorite professor from undergrad.  I’m going to see my grandma and my aunt & uncle.

I’m going to tell you this funny story about my dad.

So, I called him up to tell him how I’d promised everyone I’d videotape him playing "House of the Rising Sun" and he said, "We’ll see.  I might have a cold by then."

I also informed him of my plans to have him drive me all over the far west suburbs on Saturday and he said, "Is this because I got the Shill and the SuperGenius confused?  Is this my punishment?"

He’s on to me. 

Hat-tip to Coble, for the good idea.


4 thoughts on “Things that Make Me Happy

  1. Which professor are you going to visit? Alison? Please tell her I say hi. From here on out I plan to introduce Tiny as follows: And this is Millard, the little man I pushed out my cooter. Good fun!

  2. Hey Shill! (Congrats on the cooter-pushing, btw.) Remember when I met you at that Jackhammer’s game? And the LE was afraid I was going to be some sort of crazy-interweb-masher or something? I have a friend whose son’s name is Landon, and she finally put her foot down when too many people started calling him ‘Little Joe’ instead. So just remember that I am the one who first called him ‘Millard,’ for better or for worse. Because, right now, I am inordinately proud that you are referring to him as such.

  3. Peg — of course I remember! And I shall always give you full credit for Millard. Makes me giggle every time.

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