It’s Snowing!

Right now.  Coming down like big clumpy chunks of laundry detergent.  Mrs. Wigglebottom is lying at my feet (as usual), snoring away.

Mom and Dad are both over at church.  There are four church services today.  I am hoping to miss all but one.  In a perfect world, I could miss them all, but in a perfect world, I am immune to my parents’ disapproval, so there you go.

My parents have this nice new computer with a gig of memory and 200 gigs in the hard drive and some fancy-pants processor and still, it’s kind of slow.

I know they don’t have that much stuff on here, so I’m guessing the problems are 1.  That they’re running IE and not Firefox and 2. That they’re running Norton and not McAfee.  Some of you are more techy than I (Chris Wage), but it seems to me that Norton might not just be not very good, but actively ridiculous.  Just this morning it had to shut everything down to tell me it had blocked some adware.  Yes, very good, Norton, but in real life, you’re supposed to do that shit quietly.

So, I think I’m going to switch them over today, after lunch, after I take the dog for a walk.  You would not believe how amazing the houses in this town are–my parents are in their big old turn of the century brick thing which I love, and on all sides they’re surrounded by gingerbread Victorians and stately brick four-squares.  I haven’t had any chance to get out and walk it, so that’s my goal for this afternoon.

My grandma isn’t coming down from the suburbs for Thanksgiving for a variety of legitimate reasons that still upset my mom and my Aunt B.*  We’re trying to work something out where we’ll go up there for dinner on Tuesday night.

I brought all this work with me to do.  I’m not sure when it’s going to get done… If it gets done.





*Although, frankly, I prefer the legitimate reasons she can’t drive two hours now that she’s in her 80s to the bullshit reasons she always came up with to not spend holidays with us when we lived 40 miles south of her and she was ten years younger, so what can you do?  I haven’t seen her since I moved to Tennessee.  The Butcher went up to see her once; they had lunch plans; and he got there and she decided she had to run errands instead.

I don’t know.  I’d like to believe she’s just getting old and fussy, but she seems to be able to do quiet a bit with my Aunt B.’s kids, so you know, a time comes when you just have to say, "Well, for whatever reasons, she doesn’t like us that much" and move on.

Still, I hope we can see her.

I Set Out. How I Fared.

1.  I still have not talked my dad out of not mentioning Tiny Cat Pants in his Christmas letter.

2.  The SuperGenius’s shower was very nice, though I didn’t get to stay as long as I would have liked, because my parents were apparently done shopping at Walmart and, though they love Walmart, once they’re done, they’re done.  The SuperGenius, however, looked fantastic.  Ha, this kind of shit is always so rude to say… It’s not like she looked bad before, but the SuperGenius is usually the type of woman who has to plan everything down to the very last detail and who frets if that detail and the rest don’t come off exactly as planned, but today she was mellow and smiling and she just looked good, like a woman who felt like she was making a wise decision.

It was nice.  It was good to come up and lay eyes on her for exactly that.

3.  I held Tiny!  He was wearing the cutest pants and making all these darling grunting noises and looking around at the lights and… I don’t know.  He is just as cute as a pile of bunnies.  It was good to see the Shill, too.  God damn, she’s so compitent, she’s all just whipping around the baby and his seat and the diaper bag and her purse and everything just like she’s got 90 arms. And he’s all "I have tiny fingers and even tinier toes!"

Tee hee.