Mom Dances

On Saturday, my mom was telling me about her understanding of how hip hop rose up out of the salsa clubs on the lower east side of New York. I have no idea if this is true or not, because, frankly, I didn’t get any farther than my mom saying “It’s my understanding that hip hop…” before I was blindsided by a giant “WHAT?!?!” and everything that came after that was lost in the ensuing confusion.

But who knows? Over cards tonight, we were listening to Outkast and trying to explain to her that awesome move in “So Fresh, So Clean” and she hadn’t seen the video but she asked me to teach her.

If the fates are kind, I hope I’m sixty years old and dancing around my kitchen to whatever the kids are listening to in those days having as good a time as my mom did tonight.

Anyway, here’s the video worth emulating and the emulation.

(First video was removed from YouTube at demand of Viacom)


10 thoughts on “Mom Dances

  1. Maybe I should have shown her the video first… It’s not like she had a great teacher in me, I’ll say that for her.

  2. I see a grey hat lying on top of something near the doorway. Maybe your mom can rock a little hip-hop style with that. (Unless she has an orange monkeyfur coat in the closet that I don’t know about.)

  3. I don’t see a grey hat. I wonder if you mean her hideous cat purse there on the counter.Thanks, Catherine.

  4. Y’all are the most precious things I’ve ever seen. Aside from your mom’s granddog, of course.I did find myself thinking y’all were gonna break out into "Here we come … walkin’ down your street … we get the funniest looks from … everyone one we meet …"Hee.I hope your Thanksgiving consists of more fun times like this.

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