11 thoughts on “Mom Puts Up With A Lot

  1. did your mom sign any kind of waiver to appear in this film? Isn’t this the kind of thing that got Borat aka Ali G in hot water?This is funny..

  2. I just watched it again and died laughing at the "I’m poopin’!" Like she couldn’t be happier about taking a dump.

  3. Sorry ’bout the duplicate post. Brittney — an old friend of me and B’s once said that a taking a good dump was one one of the great joys in life. And if you didn’t know your kid was secretly videotaping you, why not be happy? ;-) (And since my bowels are NOT enjoying post-partum life, I’m sorta jealous.)

  4. Your mom is the best! Too funny. She said *I’m poopin’* with so much conviction. As if your question was the most normal Q in the world. . .

  5. This deserves an Oscar.Of course, you recieve this posthumously because the chance of your survival after she sees this might be questionable.Great. You made my night.

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