Happy Thanksgiving!

My parents new big old house is full up with folks–my parents, my two brothers, me, my two nephews, the dog, and the coolest Siamese cat ever.  In a couple of hours, my Aunt B., my uncle, and my two cousins will arrive.

My dad is fixing the littlest nephew’s bike.  The oldest nephew is taking a shower or beating my brothers at video games (I don’t know how it’s possible, but he seems to be doing both at the same time).  The dog is hiding and my mom has only filled the house up with smoke once. 

Since my parents are distracted by the constant cuteness of my nephews, I’m able to escape from the chaos long enough to type this up.

Hey, my oldest nephew just brought me a Jolly Rancher!  How awesome is that?

And I continue with my plot to get my dad to perform "House of the Rising Sun."

Anyway, it’s crazy around here in a big fun way.

I realize now that grandkids are the Big Get Even that Tom Petty mentions.  Grandparents get to smirk as they watch their kids go through what those kids put them through.  Kids get to watch Grandparents run ragged by small folks who have them wrapped around their fingers.

Today already we’ve conquered such questions as "How come Grandpa has a wife and Grandma doesn’t?" and "Uncle Butcher, why aren’t you married?"  Good fun.