Can’t Win for Losing

I finally got my dad to sing “House of the Rising Sun” for us. There are two Youtube videos here for reasons that should be apparent, but I’ll admit, I don’t understand.

The file the camera creates is a .mov file. I uploaded it and the quality is pretty good, but the picture and words are out of sync. How this can be when it comes straight from the camera is beyond me.

This one is worse quality, but at least when my dad’s mouth moves, words come out.

Also, my mom says to please excuse the open cabinet in the kitchen. And my dad says that he used to be able to hit those high notes with ease, but is too old now (though he also said he may practice and try again at Christmas).


10 thoughts on “Can’t Win for Losing

  1. Preacher can pick, too! Who knew?What does Preacher think about singing "Amazing Grace" to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun"? Being a tenor, I’d think he’d appreciate the Blind Boys of Alabama’s version. It always gives me chills.I’d give anything to have my dad on video. He’s still on an old audio tape from the answering machine, but if I had video of him dancing to "Linus and Lucy" in his underwear, I would truly have a gift for Baby Fishmouth to inherit. (Although I understand *her* daddy dances in his drawers in the house, it is not to Snoopy music. I have not witnessed that, thank dog, so I do not know for sure.)Hope y’all had a great time and are enjoying a peaceful Sunday night back at the house.

  2. My dad both loves and hates "Amazing Grace" done that way. He loves it so much that he was convinced he invented it and he hates that he was not the first person to come up with it.It’s something when you think about all the stuff we’ll be able to leave for future generations–not just important people, but everyday people can leave their faces and their voices. I hope, anyway.I love to imagine what it’ll be like for my nephews grandkids to see my dad, even though he’ll be long gone before such descendants exist. I’d love to hear my great-grandma Teckla’s voice or see what my great grandma Sadie looked like as she brushed out her long hair.I hope they find all this stuff out here on the internet in 100 years. I hope it’s still somewhere.

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