The Butcher’s Still Not Home

The Butcher went in to work at five this morning.  He was supposed to be off by noon.  Then he called to say he wouldn’t be done until 2, so I went and got his cell phone and traded it in for a new one.  It’s now just after three and there’s no sign of him.  I want to call and ask if he needs a ride, but I have his phone.

The closer we get to winter, the less I like that he doesn’t have a car. 

Vegetarianism and Veganism for Moral Reasons

Brittney has decided to become a vegan, for mostly moral reasons (though she does have some health concerns as well).

I have some questions.  I don’t mean them to be snarky and they’re not just for Brittney; they’re for all you moral vegetarians and vegans.

1.  Many of you become vegetarians/vegans because of concerns about whether animals are treated humanely during the farming process.  Are you not also concerned about the suffering of human beings during the farming process?  Are the hands lost to augers during your soybean harvest less of a concern to you?  What about the inhumane treatment of migrant workers brought in to harvest fruits and vegetables?  Is it because you perceive they have some choice in participating in farming that makes their suffering more palatable?

2.  We have removed most of the top level predators from our local ecosystems, leaving deer populations to reach increasingly large sizes, which puts stress on other local plant and animal populations, and spreads devastating illnesses throughout the herds.  Like it or not, since we’ve removed top level predators, don’t we have an obligation to keep the herds at safe, sustainable sizes, in order to alleviate suffering?  If so, isn’t it better to make use of the harvested animals, including eating them, than to let them go to waste?

3.  The pesticides dumped onto our plants makes its way into our water supply and poisons us and the things that live in our streams, rivers, and lakes.  Does the suffering of those animals not also concern you? 

4.  Do you believe it’s possible to live a morally uncompromized life?

Now is the Time for New Phones

The Butcher’s ‘8’ fell off his phone.  Mine survived being set on fire last year, but lately, it won’t hold a charge worth a damn.  I was talking to Coble at the park and I was fully charged and the battery completely drained as I walked from the top of the hill to my car (about a 20 minute walk).

So, as a Christmas present to us, new phones for everyone.

We brought two carloads of folks back here last night and so the boys put Mrs. Wigglebottom in the recalcitrant brother’s car where her job was just to eat all the shit the nephews have left in the car.  I was concerned that there seemed to be a lot of M&Ms in the backseat.  I’m more concerned now that she’s letting farts that smell like something out of the depths of hell.

Did I tell y’all that my Aunt B.’s daughter is a writer?  She let me read some of her poetry and a story she’s working on.  It’s unpolished and very rough and is all action, no exposition, but damn, for a freshman in high school?  It’s incredible.  She already has such a nice, snarky authorial voice.  I’m trying to talk her into coming down for Act Like a GRRRL!!!  I hope she’ll consider it.

Anyway, I have to answer some emails and then the morning is mine.  I’ll probably be masturbating.


Ha, ha, ha.  Hello, folks who found this through my dad’s Christmas letter!  Heck, hello, Mom & Dad! for all I know.

It’s Good To Be Home

My brothers have gone to get milk and pizza.  My oldest nephew is playing video games.  The dog is asleep at my feet.  The youngest nephew is in the bathroom singing "Does my chain hang low?" which somehow is morphing into B-I-N-G-O as he poops.

I’m glad to be back.