It’s Good To Be Home

My brothers have gone to get milk and pizza.  My oldest nephew is playing video games.  The dog is asleep at my feet.  The youngest nephew is in the bathroom singing "Does my chain hang low?" which somehow is morphing into B-I-N-G-O as he poops.

I’m glad to be back.


One thought on “It’s Good To Be Home

  1. I heard a guy singing that song at the sandwich shop next to the ATM I was using a week or so ago. I remember it as a question about ears hanging low, back when I was a cute little girl scout (or a cute young girl scout camp counselor). I always wondered what low-haning ears looked like. I often thought about Price Charles or those that put holes in the ears and then expand them into big, dangling loops. Maybe that what the song was all about. But chain? I don’t like that version. I still don’t get it. I feel stupid about that, and about this … is it a bad metaphor for a penis?

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