Arby’s Chicken Salad Wrap

May we talk frankly about Arby’s for a second?  Is there any more non-descript a fast food restaurant?  Their food is bland.  Their decor is bland.  Even their employees, though sweet, are bland.

Ask anyone, "Do you want to go to Arby’s?" and that person will have to pause and ask him or herself "What the fuck does Arby’s even have?  Is that the one with the roast beef?"

And yet…

America, I went to Arby’s twice this weekend to eat their fucking Chicken Salad Wrap.

I ate it on Saturday and was overcome with a level of "Holy shit!  Is this good!" that almost caused me to wreck my car.  But, I thought, maybe I was just really hungry.  So, I went back yesterday.  I had it again.  Was it a fluke?

No, that chicken salad wrap is still the best thing I’ve ever eaten at a fast food joint.

I’m having lunch with Smiley today and it was all I could do to not say, "Meet me at Arby’s!" so that I could eat another one.

Who knew?  Who knew Arby’s could whoop up something so yummy?

I give it five out of five stars.

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  1. One of my all-time favourite and most-quoted-by-me Simpson’s lines is when the twins (Cheri and Teri) are on the island with the other field-trip children after the bus accident."I’m so hungry I could eat at ARBY’S!!!"

  2. I could be wrong, because I get the roast beef joints mixed up, but I’m pretty sure it was an Arby’s here in St. Louis that had the greatest engraved sign I’ve ever seen in any establishment anywhere:"Our policy: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not complying with our policy"It’s like zen, it’s so godddam perfect.

  3. I love Arby’s, but, I think it’s because I only go there occasionally, as it’s not really in my daily path. I get the same thing every time, a Super Roast Beef with Swiss.

  4. I can’t go to Arby’s very often, because they are by far the most expensive of the fast food restaurants around here. (Least expensive: Taco Bell).That being said: Chicken Salad wrap – yum!

  5. I haven’t tried the wrap, but I’ve been in love with their chicken salad sandwich for some time now. I was never really an Arby’s fan before that either. I’ll definitely check out the wrap next time, thanks for the tip!!!

  6. Startibartfast, it is expensive and I do hate that about them, but the chicken salad wrap is the first thing I’ve had there that I felt was worth the money.Lynnster, I’m sure the wrap and the sandwich must differ only in how much you like bread. The Professor had the sandwich and it did look like she got a little more chicken salad, so that may be the way to go.

  7. If I’m going to eat fast food (which is a rare thing) I kind of like Arby’s because it isn’t fried. Sure is salty, though. Is their chicken salad salty? If not, I may have found a fast food solution.

  8. Arby’s is expensive elsewhere? Here, they’re always promoting their "fve of these sandwiches or four of these other sandwiches, or three of these other other sandwiches for five dollars" type deals.Generally, I’m not a fan. But I’m glad you found something you like!

  9. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to Arby’s, but now I may have to try to find one. :)Did you see "Fargo"? I liked the line, when hubby kisses wife in the middle of a fast food lunch, in the midwestern North Dakota accent, "Oh, honey, you got Arby’s on me." Cute.

  10. The only reason I’ve ever stopped at an Arby’s is because of the curly fries. They’re AWESOME, and they’re pretty much the only place I know of that does curly fries anymore, which doesn’t make sense at all because not only do curly fries taste better, they’re so much fun to wrap around my finger before eating them. Lunch AND entertainment – that’s my idea of a good time.

  11. I’ve always like Arby’s chicken bacon and swiss sandwich. I mean, if you’re gonna eat fast food, it should have cheese AND bacon on it. I’ll have to check out the wrap, though I’m not a big fan of Chicken *salad*. Is it really mayonnaise-y?Loved reading your Thanksgiving exploits with the fam. Next to you and Plimco’s great stories, my own Thanksgiving seems pretty lame. Dr. J

  12. If you’re ever in Richmond, VA for any reason, there’s an Arby’s in Midlothian that has rotisserie chicken (!?!) and it is TO DIE FOR. Seriously, my mom picks it up for dinner for the whole fam. I thought maybe it was a new thing for the whole chain, but no other Arby’s I’ve ever seen has it. Very odd. (Note to Bekah: Their curly fries are damn good.)

  13. OK, I haven’t commented for a while, but there’s no way I can stay out of this one. Ever since the first time I went to Arby’s when I was 9 years old in Boulder, CO it has been my absolute favorite food in the world. If there was one less then 45 minutes away I’d eat there every day (and I’d also be bankrupt, so maybe it’s good that there’s not – what am I saying? – I’d rather be bankrupt). Whenever I find myself in that part of town I always stock up on about 10-15 regulars.I’ve always said that if I ever hit the lottery I’m going to open both an Arby’s and a Long John Silver’s in Burbank. B now you gone and given me a craving. I may have to make a road trip …

  14. Mr. Smiff is crazy about Arby’s. I don’t understand this. They’re the only fast food chain I’ve ever known that carried RC products.Remember the Arby’s knock off, Rax? They had one in Franklin right there by Del Rio Pike. We ate there every Saturday on the way to band contests. They sucked, too.

  15. I believe Recovering Baptist belongs to a small Baptist sect that doesn’t believe in anything on the other side of the Cumberland. (I tease!)

  16. I like Arbys! Their Jamocha shakes rock! (There ya go KC) ;-)My only reservation on their chicken salad (which is yummy) is the thought of how many fat grams that thing might have. Usually if they use full leaded mayo, it’s gonna be frighteningly high…(sorry to burst bubbles, but if you ever saw these hips, you’d understand why!) lololol

  17. Rax! I loved the Rax in the ‘Boro in college. The Philly sandwich was to die for. I take it from the way you guys are talking Rax must not exist anymore, that makes me sad.Aunt B – I’ve been forced to go to low fat/non-fat so the wrap will probably be better for me than the sandwich anyway.Kat – I have never had the Jamocha shake at Arby’s. Hmmmm. Guess that won’t be true for long now!

  18. Oh honestly. I wonder about people who wax poetic and ecstatic about fast food of any kind. Of course, I have no way to judge since I have never eaten at Arbys. Or Long John Silver. but hey, enjoy your dose of preservatives, dyes, trans fats, and artificial flavorings. Mmmm. Yummy.

  19. Please. I’m just wondering how anyone can read me regularly–all the cooter talk and the snark and the mocking libertarians; that’s all fine. But by god, if you’re going to go on at length about fast food, well, it’s then that healingmagichands has got to wonder.That cracks me up.

  20. Personally I hope this discussion draws the attention of Arby’s and Aunt B. gets like a free wrap a week for a year, heh.PS I just got this week’s direct mail coupons and there’s a set from Arby’s that includes one for a free wrap with purchase of a drink and fries. This is Memphis direct mail, of course, but expect you might get them in Middle TN too…

  21. Arby’s chicken salad sandwich is heavenly. The first time I tried it, I saw how huge it was and that god-awful multi-grain bread that I hate and I thought "I’ll never eat all this". One bite made me change my mind. I actually had to LOOK at the thing in my hand, I couldn’t believe it was that good!! I ate the whole thing and the damn bread was GOOD too! I’ve gone back a hundred times just to make sure it wasn’t a one time thing, or I was just starving to death or what. Nope, it’s always just as wonderful. I’ve tried a dozen times to make it at home, and I can’t get it right. Our Arby’s is small, shabby, needs updating and repair but that sandwich is the best I’ve ever had at a fast food place. It’s just too wonderful for words. If you even vaguely like chicken salad, try it. You won’t be disappointed.

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