Okay, Fine. I’m Sick.

I’ve been put out with Sarcastro all afternoon because he hasn’t answered my hard-hitting email, which read, in part, “Yes, where is my five figure income?” and “I think I smell like hamsters.  Is that a problem?”

And just now, I discovered that I didn’t actually send the email.

I have two criteria for deciding if I’m really sick and not just a little under the weather:

1.  Do I not give a shit about how much work I have to do?

Right now, no.  I care about laying down.

2.  Am I irrationally mad at someone for something way beyond their control?


Therefore, I am actually sick and need to just admit it to myself.


7 thoughts on “Okay, Fine. I’m Sick.

  1. Drink a hot toddy and 3 Advil.Not doctor recommended by works for me when snot has become part of my life because it eventually becomes congestion central.

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