Has The World Gone Mad While I Was Sick?

1.  Sorry, Smiley.

2.  Today I learned that I can snore without being asleep.  That’s weird.  I’ve never heard myself snore before, but, as far as snores go, mine’s kind of cute, like a large cat purring.  Or a small monster getting ready to take over the world.

3.  So, let me get this straight.  Michael Richards, an obviously white guy, calls some black guy a racial slur, one that white guys have been calling black guys in a disparaging manner since at least the Revolutionary War, according to Dictionary.com, and Jesse Jackson’s response is to call on "the entertainment industry, including rap artists, actors and major studios, to stop the use of the racial slur that triggered the scandal involving ‘Seinfeld’ comic actor Michael Richards."?

Is this insane to anyone else but me?

Richards didn’t call anyone a nigger because he thought it was okay because black folks use it.  He pulled that puppy out because he knew, as does every fucking white person in America, that it is a conversation-ender, a deal-breaker, a word with no analogous retort.

It doesn’t matter if every black person in the world stopped right this second using the word; that wouldn’t stop white people from using it against black people.  Which Jackson surely knows.

So, what’s the deal?

My guess is that Jackson is largely irrelevant to most rappers and young black entertainers and that this gives him a chance to throw his weight around a little bit, especially because white people, such as Richards, would love nothing more than to have just one black guy they could go to, say Jackson, and make amends.  It benefits Jackson to perpetuate the belief that he’s the go-to guy for doling out black understanding, both in terms of cementing his place in the larger culture and making some waves among young black entertainers.

But let’s be clear–the word did not trigger Richards’ scandal.  Black entertainers using that word didn’t trigger Richards’ scandal.  Richards triggered Richards’ scandal.

Destroy All Humans 2

The Butcher has been playing Destroy All Humans 2.  I wish I had video game talents, as it looks like an awesome time.

In other news, I want to take a nap, but the Butcher is hogging the couch.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

I went to bed some time last night.  I’m going to say about seven.  I couldn’t breathe.  I was dripping snot all over the place.  I had to pee.  Finally, I was really hot, so I got up and walked the dog.  That was a few hours ago.  It was still dark.

I read some blogs.  I fell asleep.  I ate some breakfast.

I want to take a shower, but it’s clear upstairs.

I also want a big cup of hot chocolate.  And for someone to rub my head.  And to sleep in a manner that is actually restful and not just my body turning off like some crappy old car.

I need to call in to work, but all the clocks in the house are on different times.

I think I need to wait a bit, is what I’m saying.

Gosh, a shower would be nice.