Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

I went to bed some time last night.  I’m going to say about seven.  I couldn’t breathe.  I was dripping snot all over the place.  I had to pee.  Finally, I was really hot, so I got up and walked the dog.  That was a few hours ago.  It was still dark.

I read some blogs.  I fell asleep.  I ate some breakfast.

I want to take a shower, but it’s clear upstairs.

I also want a big cup of hot chocolate.  And for someone to rub my head.  And to sleep in a manner that is actually restful and not just my body turning off like some crappy old car.

I need to call in to work, but all the clocks in the house are on different times.

I think I need to wait a bit, is what I’m saying.

Gosh, a shower would be nice.

6 thoughts on “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

  1. *makes soothing noises* I second that. I’d offer you hot chocolate, but I don’t think it would make it across the country without getting cold.Your post has the timestamp 7:08 AM (though I haven’t noticed what timezone Tiny Cat Pants posts in, I assume it’s probably yours and not mine). Right now, my computer’s clock says 9:26 AM. My guess is that either time is perfectly reasonable for one to call in sick.

  2. I did call in. My co-worker thought I was a prank call because I was all scratchy voiced and disoriented. But the Butcher just brought me some broccolli cheese soup and so I’m feeling a little more like myself.

  3. You’re feeling better on broccoli cheese soup? Sometimes I wonder about you, B.OTOH, when I was sick as a girl my mother would always feed me burnt toast and tea. I’m not sure what it was supposed to do; I think she thought it would soothe me and absorb the bad stuff in my stomach, but usually I had a sore throat so it wasn’t all that on target. But I did love getting my burnt toast and tea, and for years I would tell people that when they were sick they ought to have "burnt tea and toast." Compared to that, broccoli and cheese make sense.But I’m glad you’re feeling more the thing.

  4. We used to always have 7Up and Saltines, no matter what the illness. I can’t drink 7Up now.I don’t know that it was the brocolli soup that has made me feel better. It may be all the sleep I’m getting. I feel a bit like Mrs. Wigglebottom, getting up long enough to make sure that everything’s how I left it when I went to sleep, and then heading back there.

  5. We used to get 7Up (or equivalent), but left until it had gone flat, because that was supposed to be better for the sick stomach or something. Sleep does sound good right about now, though I can leave the brocolli soup.

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